“God put on my heart..”, Kanye West Once Confessed Why He Ran for President in 2020 to Joe Rogan

“God put on my heart..”, Kanye West Once Confessed Why He Ran for President in 2020 to Joe Rogan

Kanye West for the President. The reaction to this sentence was usually laughter until everyone realized he was pretty serious about his intentions. After acting in the field of music and fashion, the Donda singer who has always been vocal about his thoughts shocked everyone in 2020 by announcing his run for the White House.

The singer first ran for Presidential elections back in 2020. Although he lost miserably, the entertainer still managed to gain just about 60,000 votes. That is still a significant amount of people who believed in his dreams of the Presidency. But what made the hip-hop artist think of running for the office? He once revealed it all during an interview.

Throwback to the time when Kanye West revealed why decided to run for Presidency

Running for President is no easy task, but Kanye West seemed determined to do it anyway. He appeared for an interview on the famous podcast PowerfulJRE. Therein, the two had a long discussion on many topics, but the interview began with them discussing Ye’s ambitions. Rogan asked him what made him run for President since he is already busy with his clothing company, family, and musical career. “It’s something that God put on my heart back in 2015“, said the rapper. Even the entertainer laughed when the thought first hit him as he was taking a shower.

The mere thought of running for the Presidency made him happy and joyful. Just two days later, he received the VMA’s Video Vanguard Award on 30th August 2022 in California. During the acceptance speech is when he decided to make the announcement of his plans of running for the presidency. But he also realized that fellow musicians and tech elites did not take him seriously and advised him not to do that.

He stated how even Oprah Winfrey discouraged him from doing so. But what gave him confidence is the fact that he was confident of becoming a billionaire while in debt, and he eventually succeeded. What also followed, later on, was a string of controversies due to his statements, which also took away his billionaire status. It will be seen how he fares in the 2024 elections that he is running for.

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