What Are Kanye West’s Future Political Aspirations for the Presidential Run of 2024 Given the Disappointment of 2020?

What Are Kanye West’s Future Political Aspirations for the Presidential Run of 2024 Given the Disappointment of 2020?

After much speculation and controversies around the return of Kanye West for the 2024 elections, we think we finally have something here. Internet sources and, most importantly, Ye’s own tweets have given us a clear image of what is coming up. Although experts had their own say in defying Ye’s possibility to come back after a massive setback, West has finally taken his decision. 

Adding to his last failure, his current setback, after all the controversies that plunged his business ties into nothingness, had indicated the improbability of such a sudden decision. However, as of now, it seems as if the Donda rapper is firm on his stance to run for the presidential elections in 2024, once again. Some of his recent tweets and certain remarks in the interview clearly show his iron will to overlook how badly he fared the last time.

Kanye West and his future political aspirations 

The tweet he shared had a black silhouette of his image carved out on a picture of America’s national flag. The caption read simply, “KANYE 2024” emboldened on the fifty states of the USA. This came following his clear statements amidst the midterm elections in the recent past. 

In an interview with GMA, which took place earlier this year, Kanye West firmly agreed to his future political aspirations. When asked about it, Ye affirmed, “absolutely.

Speaking of his first stab at the presidency run in 2020, he said, “That time wasn’t in God’s time.” Adding more to his fixed aim, Ye recently released a song that indicated how headstrong he was regarding future elections. In the first verse, he raps, “When you run of ’24, I bet your spouse gon’ be with you/ who put this together? Me. That’s who“. 

After his devastating failure, it remains to be seen how far the Donda rapper makes it in the 2024 elections. According to reports, Ye had lost 3 mind-boggling millions on his campaign. However, sadly, he managed to raise just $1582 out of it all. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you think Kanye will have somewhat of a successful campaign the following year? Let us know in the comments below.

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