Kanye West Once Confessed to Joe Rogan Why Having Lamar Odom on His Fashion Show Was Extremely Important Along With Jay Z and Cudi

Kanye West Once Confessed to Joe Rogan Why Having Lamar Odom on His Fashion Show Was Extremely Important Along With Jay Z and Cudi

From fashion designing to creating hip-hop music, Kanye West has achieved a lot in his professional life. However, his recent controversial comments about Jewish people and his support for Adolf Hitler have made him a complex figure. Following his controversial comments, he lost many business deals as well. However, there was a time when the American rapper got a lot of praise for bringing Lamar Odom to his fashion show in 2016.

Lamar Odom was one of the names that the rapper admired. However, because of his medical condition, Odom was in a coma, which broke Ye’s heart. But it meant so much to him when the NBA star appeared at the Fashion Week Show.

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Kanye West was happy to have Lamar Odom at one of his biggest events

The Fashion Week Show made huge headlines as it saw the launch of Ye’s seventh studio album, ‘The Life of Pablo’. On the Joe Rogan Experience, Ye opened up about the launch of the album and why he was extremely excited about it. Although he was exhausted from everything else that was going around in his life. Ye revealed it made him excited to have 50 Cent, Jay Z, and other young people at the event. As he was talking about the guests, he said Lamar Odom also made his first public appearance after being in a coma.

As thrilled as Ye was to have Odom, he revealed the real reason for his excitement. He said, “When he (Odom) was in a coma, I would come by and play him the new music.” Although Lamar Odom was in a coma, he remembered that music, Odom said to Ye. Well, guess which album Ye was playing at the event? It was the very album he played for Lamar Odom when he was in a deep sleep.

Ye himself walked Lamar Odom to his chair after they entered together at the event. West’s gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Odom, who recently opened about how grateful he was for the ‘Gold Digger’ singer and what he did back then.

What Lamar Odom has to say about Ye?

The former brothers-in-law had a deep connection with each other. When Odom was in a coma and Ye used to play music for him, it awakened his soul. He recently opened up about the time and said Ye had always been so easygoing with him. He also expressed his gratitude for Ye to Access Hollywood by saying Ye tried to get Odom’s soul and spirit one with his music. While expressing his desire to reconnect with his buddy, the NBA star spoke greatly about the American rapper.

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Odom doesn’t wish to simply reconnect with West but has some ideas that he would like to run by the Yeezy owner. The ‘Jesus is King’ singer, however, seems to have his hands full at the moment with a new marriage, several legal notices, and a failing presidential campaign, along with the financial problems.

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