“Let him say ridiculous sh*t”- Podcaster Joe Rogan Calls Out Kanye West Ban on Twitter, Insists Ye Should Be Able to Speak

“Let him say ridiculous sh*t”- Podcaster Joe Rogan Calls Out Kanye West Ban on Twitter, Insists Ye Should Be Able to Speak

Joe Rogan feels that Kanye West should be allowed to speak about what he wants. Although much loved for his creativity and music, the singer remains in news mostly for his controversies. While he has been known for it for years, his recent comments got him banned from almost all platforms and interviews.

The singer was even reinstated on Twitter after being banned, thanks to former friend Elon Musk. But because Musk still had guidelines in place, Ye got banned again after continued offensive tweets. The ban came was levied for several reasons. But Joe Rogan thinks that people should just let the Donda rapper speak his mind.

Why does Joe Rogan think that Kanye West should not be banned from speaking his mind?

Both Joe Rogan and Kanye West are believers of free speech, albeit to different degrees. In Episode 1937 of The Joe Rogan Experience, he had a chat for more than two hours with comedian Punkie Johnson, whose real name is Jessica Williams. They touched on several topics during the interview, one of which was Kanye West. About Ye’s Twitter ban, Rogan said, “I think it’s better to let him say ridiculous s*it on Twitter and let people refute it.” The podcaster does not support the idea of silencing the rapper through bans, especially since Ye holds a certain strength of influence among fans.

The singer landed in trouble for his anti-Semitic comments, praising Hitler and commenting on civil rights activist Rosa Parks. One of his last tweets before the ban claimed that his former wife Kim Kardashian cheated on him with NBA player Chris Paul. He received backlash from celebrities as well as Jewish organizations over his comments and the pressure to ban him increased.

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One of the main reasons for the ban is the fear that young minds would get under his influence and spread hate. But perhaps refuting his tweets could allow people to see exactly why he is wrong. Meanwhile, West was in talks to buy his own Twitter-like platform where he can speak his mind. Currently, however, Ye remains banned on social media but speaks to the paparazzi occasionally.

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