“Don’t Kill..” Elon Musk Resurrects Kanye West’s Twitter Handle Along With Many Other Controversial Personalities

“Don’t Kill..” Elon Musk Resurrects Kanye West’s Twitter Handle Along With Many Other Controversial Personalities

In recent times, Kanye West has become one of the most talked about celebrities in the industry. While he is undeniably a multi-industry tycoon, one cannot deny that the rapper has some questionable tendencies. Over the past few months, owing to his controversial statements and legal feuds, West has become subjected to severe criticism from the masses. Furthermore, apart from the legal rights of Yeezy, various social media handles, including Twitter, banned the rapper. However, he is back on Twitter, thanks to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk stunned everyone as he purchased one of the most powerful and popular social media handle a.k.a. Twitter. And as all of us know, the Tesla owner is a close friend to the Flashing Lights hit maker. Time and again, the duo was spotted hanging out with each other. And now that Musk owns the custody of Twitter, he welcomed many controversial celebrities, including West, back on Twitter, with a peculiar welcome back message for the rapper.

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Elon Musk welcomes back Kanye West on Twitter

Recently, the 808s and Heartbreaks singer made his way back to Twitter on Sunday. However, after his comeback on the social media platform, the rapper tweeted to check whether his Twitter ban was actually reinstated before writing, “Shalom.”

Shalom is a Hebrew word that stands for peace, wholeness, and harmony. While it is unclear whether it was Musk who reinstated the rapper’s account, he welcomed West with a peculiar message. The Space-X owner wrote, “Don’t kill what ye hate Save what ye love.” 

The rapper’s account was removed previously due to his controversial antisemitic comments on the Jewish community. Owing to West’s statement, he even had a fallout with the billion dollar brand Adidas. Furthermore, many known celebrities, including NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, slammed the rapper over his comment while others like Dave Chappelle came to his defence.  

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Apart from Kanye West, the world’s richest man even lifted the ban from other controversial figures such as former US president Donald Trump and social media influencer, Andrew Tate.

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