“Its going to be really wild”- Ex-Googler Who Featured in ‘The Social Dilemma’ (Netflix) On Elon Musk & Twitter

“Its going to be really wild”- Ex-Googler Who Featured in ‘The Social Dilemma’ (Netflix) On Elon Musk & Twitter

With each passing day, Elon Musk and his Twitter become more worthy of a Netflix documentary. The Tesla owner, who is the richest billionaire in the world, is now trying his hands on something new. And while trying new things is nice, maybe purchasing one of the most chaotic social media platforms with no prior experience is not the way to go. But given the fact that he is Elon Musk and while everything he touches may not magically turn into gold, he definitely can give you an equation that can help you attain plenty of gold.

Within weeks of his Twitter takeover, Elon Musk has cut down half of the platform’s workforce and has become a meme. While most of us are watching the chaos unfold, it is interesting to hear what techies have to say about this. Joe Toscano, who is the founder and CEO of DataGrade, an ex-Google employee, and also featured in Netflix’s gripping docuseries, The Social Dilemma, gave his two cents on Musk’s Twitter takeover.

What does a techie have to say about Twitter under Elon Musk?

In Social Dilemma, Joe Toscano, who has remained a consultant for Google, quipped in to let the world know how social media is designed to be addictive. Musk’s Twitter is “either going to the moon or its absolutely going to sink,” Toscano told Fox News. Looks like Elon Musk is complying with his 2017 “Fly me to the moon” tweet and taking Twitter along with it.

After acquiring Twitter through a multi-million dollar deal, Elon Musk dissolved the directorial committee. The Tesla owner also introduced paid verification, which, according to Toscano, he had already pitched in Automating Humanity, abook that he wrote in 2018.

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Contrary to many users who believe that the bluebird is headed to doom, Joe Toscano is among the few who want to believe that Musk has a plan.

I believe that he is making decisions that he feels are correct for the company he has purchased,” said Toscano.

The billionaire talked about freedom of expression on the platform as soon as he purchased it. However, when he himself became a joke, the Tesla owner quickly began to suspend accounts. As the fate of Twitter still remains in question, you can check out Joe Toscano spitting some real facts in The Social Dilemma on Netflix.

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