What Would Elon Musk “Twitter Disaster” Netflix Series Look Like?

What Would Elon Musk “Twitter Disaster”  Netflix Series Look Like?

In what could be considered the greatest plot twist of 2022, Twitter, the home to most online drama, has become a source of ridicule itself. The acquisition of the bluebird by the richest man on the blue planet has opened the gate to the chaos that will not only cost Twitter billions but also Musk. Apart from the weird episode when Elon Musk celebrated freedom of speech and clarified that comedy is legal on the platform only to, later, warn anyone that doesn’t specify they are doing “parody” of suspension.

Given how one Elon Musk has proven to be quite disastrous for the social media platform, we are sure that the platform does not need everyone to be changing their Twitter handles to Elon Musk. With the dream of blue ticks for all being sold at $8 and nearly half of Twitter’s workers, including the CEO and directorial committee losing their jobs, this episode of 2022 is just begging to be turned into a cinematic piece.

Although it might prove to be the greatest tragedy for the platform itself, the Elon Musk Twitter acquisition is a perfect stand-up comedy material, an SNL episode, and even better: a documentary.

The Elon Musk Twitter disaster is the perfect Netflix documentary material

With each tweet the Tesla owner makes on Twitter and each decision he takes after laying off nearly a thousand employees, the speed of the writers in Netflix’s writer room increases ten folds. The events that are unfolding from advertisers walking out to the company only multiplying in debt, not users, are perfect for a Netflix documentary. And given how one compliments the other, it makes perfect sense.

Comic book artist and witty commentator, David W. Mack, on Twitter was the first to put into Tweet what we all were thinking.

According to him, Netflix and Hulu would both make intriguing miniseries on this tech disaster. While it is too soon to call it the ‘Downfall of Twitter,’ according to David Mack, Brendan Fraser should play the role of Musk.

Whether the Echo writer said this in reference to the actor resembling Elon Musk in some ways or because of the phenomenal performances he has given us this year is unknown. And David Mack has already predicted an Emmy win for the Canadian actor so that when it does happen, the chances are high, he can retweet it. That is, of course, if by then Twitter is still in functioning condition.

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Who do you think should write the Netflix Twitter disaster documentary? Let us know in the comments below.

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