Dave Chappelle Goes on Saturday Night Live to Give Edgy Monologue About Kanye West Over Antisemitic Comments

Dave Chappelle Goes on Saturday Night Live to Give Edgy Monologue About Kanye West Over Antisemitic Comments

Dave Chappelle has added to the fire started by Kanye West. The comedian is known for his frank and unfiltered sense of humor. Which is a lot like Kanye West when expressing opinions. Chappelle also spoke against Will Smith and came and came in defense of Chris Rock after the Oscars incident.

The entertainer often uses sarcastic tones and comedy to give out social messages. Currently, Kanye West is the one that is being talked about, especially concerning his George Floyd and anti-Semitic comments. Most fans and celebrities have strongly opposed the Hip Hop artist. But Dave Chappelle has expressed a rather confusing take on it and is now attracting over it.

Dave Chappelle and his risky monologue over Kanye West

After Kanye West made anti-Semitic remarks Dave Chappelle added fuel to the fire. The stand-up comedian appeared on SNL with an opening monologue. Being a host for the night, he started the speech by saying how he has prepared a speech about condemning Anti Semitism in all forms.

But sounded rather sarcastic by adding that that’s how Kanye can buy time. The comedian went on how there are two words in the English language one should never say together, “and those words are ‘the’ and ‘Jews.'” Chappelle added to the anti-Semitic rhetoric by saying how Ye is not wrong for thinking that Jewish people run the show business, but that it was wrong for the Donda singer to say it out loud.

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The 49-year-old comedian gave an unusual example of how a group of black people makes a gang and a group of Italians is a mob. But that a group of Jews is just a coincidence. The surprisingly offensive monologue has met with criticism from others in the industry.

Chappelle’s monologue is said to have helped normalize anti-Semitic rhetoric which can be very dangerous considering the community’s past. It is to be seen whether any action will be taken against the host for it, so far his team has not responded.

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