Cupid Ye – ‘South Park’ Season 26 Set to Begin with an Episode Addressing Kanye West and His Recent Controversy

Cupid Ye – ‘South Park’ Season 26 Set to Begin with an Episode Addressing Kanye West and His Recent Controversy

South Park always makes sure to keep up with controversies. The adult sitcom is one of the longest-running animations that continues to release seasons even today. Their upcoming season is pointing at Kanye West and his much-criticized statements. The MTV Entertainment Studios series has had several celebrity guests appearing on the show, while also mocking them.

Despite occasional offensive content, it has proved to be immune in the phase of cancel culture. Most likely due to their balance of mocking every side of a story, be it in politics or any other views. Now Season 26, which is set to premiere on 8 February 2023, will probably begin with one of the most trending celebrities, Kanye West.

South Park to begin season 26 with the latest Kanye West controversy

Jokes on political incorrectness are what often make or break a series. South Park has not only survived but thrived on making controversial content, all while being funny. As per Consequence, the Comedy Central show will release the first episode of season 26 called Cupid Ye. The word Ye is supposed to hint at the Donda singer since he has changed his name. The episode revolves around one of the lead characters, Kyle Broflovski, who is a Jewish citizen of the town.

As seen in the trailer, he is asked. “You don’t really run Hollywood, right?”. He refuses to answer, stating that any of his responses will be taken incorrectly. The official description of the episode states how Cartman envies the increasing closeness between his close buddy Kyle and Tolkien Black. So the episode will probably be a mix of Eric and Ye’s anti-Semitic controversy. The Donda singer came under heavy fire when he started accusing Jewish people of controlling the entertainment industry.

South Park previously made fun of Ye in the fifth episode of the 13th season called Fish Sticks. The animation’s last season had six episodes, with four special episodes released on Paramount+. Season 26 will release on Comedy Central and will probably have six episodes as well. Other than West, the show is expected to cover more controversies that have taken place since season 25.

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