NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR! Kanye West’s 2024 Presidential Run Turns Into A Disaster As It’s Funds Seem Dry

NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR! Kanye West’s 2024 Presidential Run Turns Into A Disaster As It’s Funds Seem Dry

Rapper turned Hitler sympathizer, Kanye West (now Ye) seems to be pretty determined about the 2024 US presidential elections. However, on the face of it, it is just the Donda Academy owner doing all the work and receiving no support from the third parties whatsoever. Ye, who recently married a Yeezy employee, just two months after divorcing the television personality, Kim Kardashian, saw a spiral downfall since his White Lives Matter fashion spree. Amidst all this, though, he has not taken a step back from his long-held dream- of conducting the presidential election.

Ever since 2022, the American fashion designer has been unofficially working in bits for the campaign, even meeting with the current president, Donald Trump. But none of it comes without a cost, and for West, it might get a little unbearable. The recent financial statement includes Ye’s campaign budget as well, and he has not even reached the starting blocks.

Kanye West received no financial aid for his 2024 presidential elections

The financial report suggests that the campaign has spent over 142,000 dollars so far, with Ye being the sole investor. None of the third-person parties are apparently interested in contributing even a dollar to the potential president. Notably, out of this sum, the newlywed singer had to pay a lump sum to his now parted Greek-Roman advisor Yiannopoulos for providing ye with his thoughtful insights to the potential president.

For his meeting with President Trump, he had to spend almost $9000 for traveling purposes, reported the Daily Beast. Notably, while talking to Trump, Ye, who initially supported his cause, suggested that he be the rapper’s side gig by taking up the place of vice president. Commenting on the conversation, Kanye West remarked, “I think that was, like, lower on the list of things that caught him off guard. It was the fact that I walked in with intelligence.”

But with his ongoing pile-up of controversies and sour blood with the Jewish community, it seems like the once-upon-a-time celebrated rapper will be in a huge loss or debt if he continues to carry on the presidential campaign.

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