“Just f*cking cast him…” – How Sandra Bullock Once Pitched Marvel to Cast Daniel Radcliffe as the Next Wolverine

“Just f*cking cast him…” – How Sandra Bullock Once Pitched Marvel to Cast Daniel Radcliffe as the Next Wolverine

Harry Potter as the next Wolverine? Sandra Bullock once pitched the idea. While the casting has not happened yet, it is always a possibility now that Hugh Jackman has retired from the role. Yes, he will be appearing in Deadpool in the role, but not in the movie centered around the mutant. But perhaps the British actor Daniel Radcliffe could come back into the limelight in this new avatar.

His The Lost City co-star certainly seems to see the potential in him. Backing the internet’s wish and his talents, she tried to pitch the role to Marvel during an interview.

Sandra Bullock wants Daniel Radcliffe to fill in Hugh Jackman’s shoes

While Radcliffe cast magic with his role as Harry Potter for years, Bullock thinks he can also claw his way into Marvel. The duo appeared for an interview last year on IGV Present to promote their movie The Lost City. During this, the host touched on the topic of how people are discussing Radcliffe being cast as Wolverine. Sandra told him to just do the role, but he confessed how no one has offered him Wolverine yet. To which she said, “Wolverine people, can you please just f*cking cast him. Just do it.” She jokingly suggested they stop asking interviewers to ask and do it themselves.

Even Radcliffe asked the interviewer if he was an agent of Marvel, but the host seemed happy to have touched on the topic. If nothing, it proved that the actor is aware of his fan’s wish to see him in the role.

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While Wolverine’s character was brutally killed in the 2017 movie Logan, he is still a comic book character who can make a comeback as he wishes. Radcliffe has fans on his side who often take the internet by storm to discuss his potential.

The former Harry Potter is the top favorite for two timeless roles

While much of Daniel Radcliffe’s roles have been intense, they were not as action-packed as Harry Potter. But Twitter was flooded last year with speculations about him being the next Wolverine. Although he is mostly to be blamed since he jokingly reposted a related question by showing his interest in the role.

On the other hand, his name appeared in hashtags when fans named dropped the next potential James Bond character. From Henry Cavill to Edris Alba, Radcliffe has a lot of competition if that rumor is to come alive.

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What do you think of casting the Harry Potter lead as Marvel’s next Wolverine? Comment your thoughts.

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