Aaron Taylor Johnson Emerges as James Bond Frontrunner Leaving Behind Henry Cavill After Meeting With the Producer

Aaron Taylor Johnson Emerges as James Bond Frontrunner Leaving Behind Henry Cavill After Meeting With the Producer

The hunt for the next James Bond is still going on.  Fans continue to pitch their favorites, the likes of Tom Hardy, Rege Jean Page, and Henry Cavill. It seems that Aaron Taylor Johnson is closer to bagging the role of a lifetime. 

Until 2021 Daniel Craig played the brilliant spy 007. He stepped down from the series after the last entry, No Time to Die. Since then several reports and rumors about the next James Bond have made the news. But the makers have already stated that the next Bond movie will not go into development for the next two years. Heck, they do not even have a script! 

But if the reports about the Marvel star’s meeting with Bond’s producer is true, we are inching closer to a new Bond era.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson recently had a chat with Barbara Broccoli

The Kick-Ass actor recently had a meeting with the Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli. And it reportedly went “well”. Aaron Taylor Johnson fits the bill (or should we rather say the suit?) perfectly. He is British, 32 years old, and has a resume that boasts some really brilliant work in the industry. The fact that he is not exactly super famous means the actor will not overshadow the 007 characters. 

Johnson is mainly known for starring in Kick-Ass, Anna Karenina, Nocturnals, and the most recent Bullet Train. He was also part of the Marvel fold playing Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch’s brother. He has two new projects lined up – Kraven The Hunter and The Fall Guy. Although he has not attained superstardom yet, his headlining projects might change that. 

Meanwhile, The Witcher fans are still manifesting hard for Henry Cavill to play the spy. The last time he auditioned for the role, the producers had picked Daniel over him because of his young age. Emily in Paris’ actor Lucien Laviscount has also recently entered the competition. Nevertheless, nothing is confirmed yet.

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Who do you think should take over the role?

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