Henry Cavill as Wolverine in This Fan-Made Trailer Would Make Your Jaw Drop

Henry Cavill as Wolverine in This Fan-Made Trailer Would Make Your Jaw Drop

Ever since the fan-favorite British Actor got free from his seemingly longtime roles as Superman and Geralt of Rivia, fans have been pitching their demands to see him in their favorite character roles. While some want him to grace the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, others imagine him as various action thriller heroes. Having already established himself as a giant in the industry, Henry Cavill is now venturing into production as well.

However, his very first live-action adaptation is still in making and would perhaps take a significant amount of time before making it to the small screen. In between, The Tudors actor is reportedly bringing his intense thrills to Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare and Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle. However, that is not it. Fans badly want him to carry forward the legacy of Hugh Jackman and become the next-generation Wolverine of MCU. So much so that they even managed to bring their vision to life.

Notably, using deep fake technology yet again, content creator and YouTuber Stryder HD debuted a one-minute 21 seconds’ clip, bringing to the screen a glimpse of the British actor as Logan, one of the most ferocious heroes of all time. The viral video has provided fans with all the more reasons to be excited to see Cavill as Wolverine.

Notably, it is perhaps Cavill’s ability to bring out those intense emotions and fast-paced actions that made fans long to see him as this X-Men character. Now if you are wondering when is X-Men actually entering the MCU, here is the latest update.

When is X-Men entering the big league? Is Henry Cavill a part of it?

Answering the latter part, no, there is no official casting, and what you saw above is just fan art. Now, about X-Men’s debut in MCU, the superhero universe had kept everyone under sheer suspense until very recently. However, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the studio president, Kevin Feige, confirmed that they now know where and when to pitch in Logan’s story of becoming a superhero, but he is just not ready to talk more about it yet.

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While we wait for more updates about the same, do let us know in the comment section below if you also want Henry Cavill to star as Wolverine.

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