‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Finally Opens Up About the James Bond and Wolverine in the MCU Rumoured Castings

‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Finally Opens Up About the James Bond and Wolverine in the MCU Rumoured Castings

Henry Cavill is the next James Bond, the thought of it has been exciting his fans for some time now. The actor is known for taking his roles seriously and committing to them entirely. In fact, he was a fan of The Witcher way before being cast, and would often correct people on the set. Though he had to quit the Netflix series for concentrating on the sequel of Warner Bros Man of Steel.

The first movie was an absolute breakthrough role for the British-born. Since then he reprised the role of Superman in several of movies over the years. Due to his steel-cut jaw and hero-like looks teamed with acting skills, the 39-year-old is considered the perfect candidate for playing both Wolverine and the next James Bond. Cavill has now responded to the casting idea.

Henry Cavill opens up about playing James Bond and Wolverine

The confirmation of Man of Steel 2 has already got everyone excited. Considering how Henry Cavill did justice to the Justice League superhero. But fans cannot stop imagining him in the role of James Bond and Wolverine. Cavill has now finally responded to these fan-casting photos. “It’s really flattering to read those articles that come out about Bond all the time and who’s the favorite.”

Though he likes all the love fans pour, he also added that “You can’t just jump from iconic role to iconic role without time to prepare for them.” The actor clearly means when he says that since he left The Witcher for Man of Steel 2, and wants to concentrate solely on the role now.

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His recent appearance as Superman was in Black Adam alongside Dwayne Johnson. A lot is riding on Cavill as Warner Bros looks to keep up the competition with MCU, and Black Adam did not exactly make as big as expected. On the other hand, Hugh Jackman will likely not play Wolverine after he does Deadpool 3. Even the hunt for the next James Bond is still on.

Though Henry Cavill refused the idea of working in these roles right now, the possibilities remain open. What are your thoughts on Henry in these roles? Comment and let us know.

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