Is the Bizarro Tease for Henry Cavill’s ‘Man of Steel’ 2 Real? Here’s How the Superman Clone Might Look in the DCEU

Is the Bizarro Tease for Henry Cavill’s ‘Man of Steel’ 2 Real? Here’s How the Superman Clone Might Look in the DCEU

Fans last saw Henry Cavill in Superman disguise in Justice League and he hasn’t been back on the big screen since then. The British actor starred in the DC Extended Universe back in 2013 and the movie earned $668 million worldwide. He instantly became the favorite version of this superhero which was evident seeing Man of Steel turned out to be the highest-grossing Superman film in history.

However, after a long pause and endless controversies, people thought his time as Man of Steel is over. But a recent photo has once again raised the excitement among Superman fans. Is the Bizarro tease for Cavill’s Man of Steel real?

Fan poster depicts the DC villain Bizarro in Superman’s costume

In a recent post shared on Twitter, people get reminded of the DC villain Bizarro in an amazing fan poster. The poster excited fans that it might be a hint at the new foe Henry Cavill will be facing in the sequel. Since the designer added the name of the actor and his costume worn by Bizarro in the photo.

Although this tease has nothing to do with the next movie neither Warner Bros. has mentioned anything in recent reports. But as we know passionate fans use their artistry ways to bring in a great idea like this one.

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Because Bizarro is an antagonist to Superman in comics and would be a solid choice for the main antagonist. Therefore, DCEU can pick this compelling character if they wish to take Superman to the classic plotline where he has personal foes.

What updates Warner Bros has made for Man of Steel 2?

Man of Steel wasn’t a critically acclaimed but Cavill’s depiction garnered a huge fandom base for it. Seeing the fans have been wishing to see him back in the Superman suit Warner Bros is finally convinced to give it another chance. According to Screenrant, this DC storyline was originally intended for a trilogy but didn’t go that way.

However, they adapted to the character crossover created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Avengers. Following this style viewers got to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. As for now, Warner Bros has confirmed a Henry Cavill Superman and they are looking for a writer. Man of Steel 2 will be produced by famous DCEU producer Charles Roven.

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What do you think about Bizarro being the potential antagonist for the next Superman film? Tell us your ideas in the comment section below.

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