“Julia’s really a shapeshifter”: ‘They/Them’ Star Anna Chlumsky Praises 2-Time-Emmy Winner Julia Garner for Her Impeccable Acting Skills

“Julia’s really a shapeshifter”: ‘They/Them’ Star Anna Chlumsky Praises 2-Time-Emmy Winner Julia Garner for Her Impeccable Acting Skills

The praises for the underdog-turned-Queenpin of Ozark Julia Garner won’t stop. No matter how much we write and sing in appreciation of the actress, it wouldn’t ever suffice for her magnificent, soul-stirring acting in the sets of Ozark. Having won global acclaim, the star is now all set to resume her career in Hollywood with a myriad of projects awaiting her acting skills. Inventing Anna was one of her shows following the Netflix biggie and here’s what her co-worker Anna Chlumsky has to say for her.

Anna Chlumsky is all praises for her co-star Julia Garner for her upcoming movie and shows

Anna Chlumsky recently called her Inventing Anna co-star Julia Garner a “shapeshifter” saying how “she can really do anything.” Garner, the charismatic fake German heiress Anna Delvey in Shondaland’s Inventing Anna series, has re-established her character. She completely transformed from the ill-mouthed reckless Ruth Langmore into the sophisticated mastermind Delvey on-screen. This was possible largely because she learned to nail the accent.

The series is about Anna Delvy, also known as Anna Sorokin, a Russian native faking as a German who eventually makes her way into New York City. Her stunning performances accompanied by her outstanding flexibility in her accent game keep her away from the eyes of the FBI. This shows shares quite a similar plot with the Netflix hit, Ozark. Julia is the Queen of such unconventional and quirky roles in the serieses. Starting from The Americans to Ozark and extending to Inventing Anna, Garner’s enthralling performances have been never ending.

Julia’s role have fetched her all the well deserved awards and achievements

Pulling off two grand Emmys on her name, she’s been a rising star in the galaxy of Hollywood. After making her mark in the TV series, the actress is now all set to bring two back-to-back movies under her name.

One of them is The Royal Hotel whose filming has already started in Australia. While this is in making, Madonna Ciccone’s biopic starring Julia has also been confirmed. The star will be seen as playing Madonna and portraying her entire life till date in theaters. Julia has unquestionably been one of the most sought-after actresses of these years.

Do you like Garner’s performance in Ozark and Inventing Anna? Are you excited for the actress’s return? Share your thoughts with us.

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