Julia Garner Doesn’t Like All her Characters, ‘Ozark’ Actress Makes Major Revelation about Characters She Has Played

Julia Garner Doesn’t Like All her Characters, ‘Ozark’ Actress Makes Major Revelation about Characters She Has Played

2022 has been one helluva of a year for the Ozark star Julia Garner. Soon after the actress was done with the Netflix hit, she got her hands into yet another complicated and controversial character ever, Anna Delvy. However, this was just another charismatic yet twisted character that Julia has played. Far from what she actually is in real life, some of her characters are totally polar opposites. No matter how professionally she nails each and every one of them, it turned out she is nothing like them ever.

Speaking of which, the star made some unexpected revelations about the dynamics of her real and reel life. Some of which came as a shock, Julia had something very different to speak about her characters. Starting from Anna Delvy here’s what the star had to put on the table!

Does Julia Garner like all her characters?

not necessarily!

In an interview with W Magazine, the actress was asked if she had to like all the characters that she has ever played. Answering which, Julia delivered a straight-up “No” that was just as shocking yet understandable. The actress goes on to explain, saying, “You don’t have to. People don’t like themselves.” And we all know for a fact that it’s true. When Julia said, “People hate themselves, right?” it hits really hard to the viewers cause we’ve all been there, felt that. She also spoke about how it’s more about understanding the character rather than simply judging it. 

You’ve to be willing to understand,” says the master of all the revolutionary characters ever seen. According to her, whatever one specific person does has a sure shot reason behind the same which actually makes sense. Who knew Julia was so good with the words along with the screens? As eye-revealing as it was, we absolutely loved the way Julia established the link between movie characters and real-life humans, in the talk show.

Nevertheless, the star has fully given into all her roles

We are almost always in awe, watching how convincing her actions are during a character’s meltdown. Ever since we saw her nailing the character in The Americans and Ozark, we’ve been die-hard fans.

Julia deserves all the global and critical acclaim that she has endeavoured. The star swept away two massive Emmys consecutively for the crime and thriller series, Ozark. Five years into watching the show and Ruth still hasn’t left our hearts. Not only Ruth but Anna Delvy, the famous Russian spy queen, along with Dirty John’s Terra Newell and others, have made their marks in the history of the most unconventional characters.

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How did you like the real-life adaptation of Anna Delvy by the star in Inventing Anna? Stream it right here on Netflix and let us know in the comments below.

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