Emmys 2022: Julia Garner’s Chances at Bagging the Awards Soar With These ‘Ozark’ Episodes Submission

Emmys 2022: Julia Garner’s Chances at Bagging the Awards Soar With These ‘Ozark’ Episodes Submission

The Ozark breakout star Julia Garner has already wiped off two back to back Emmys for the team in the past. Almost all her performances throughout the show evoked the viewers. However, some specific scenes went down in the pages of history as one of the best on-screen acting and role plays in the television industry. Here, we bring to you the episodes that are selected for her Emmy nominations 2022. This is the episode that should galvanize the academy to award her with the accolade overdue and well-deserved.

Julia Garner’s best on-screen performance on the sets of Ozark for The Emmys

Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore in Ozark was known for her recklessness when it came to family. The boldest female lead feared nothing, but her Achilles heel was always her family, whom she held closest to her heart. One such character was her cousin, Wyatt, played by Charlie Tahan. In episode 7, “Sanctified,” of the last season, they kill him for no reason, along with his chaotic twisted wife, Darlene. Upon her brother’s death, Ruth flies into a wild red rage. Fuming with anger, she confronts Marty (Jason) and Wendy (Laura) as she holds them answerable for the shocking death.

Julia delivers these gut-wrenching dialogues as she points a rifle at Marty and enquires about the killer. This scene was not one of the best, but genuinely THE BEST acting performance of Julia in the entire show. Earlier, she was acclaimed for her sharp-witted cut-throat personality and dialogues, but this scene dominated all her previous works as an actress. It brought out the actual vehemence and force of her character.

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Julia Garner is marking her place in Hollywood

Rightfully so, this scene should fetch Julia the fame and glory that she deserves. We hope to watch her snatch her third Emmy this year. Apart from being the winner of the Television Academy awards twice, she bagged nominations a couple of times more. After setting the television industry on fire, Julia is ready to go back to Hollywood. This time, she’s sharing the screen with big names of the industry like Kitty Green and actors such as Jessica Henwick and Hugo Weaving.

While we wait for her anticipated big hits to make it to our screens, watch all episodes of Ozark and find proof of Julia’s magic in the show.

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