“Emotions Are Contagious”: Julia Garner Reveals How Wyatt Langmore’s Death in Ozark Finale Affected Her Personally

“Emotions Are Contagious”: Julia Garner Reveals How Wyatt Langmore’s Death in Ozark Finale Affected Her Personally

Julia Garner is one of the most talented of the youngest crop of actresses. Although she did have some stints in other projects, it wasn’t until her turn in Ozark that people took notice of her. She embodied her character, Ruth, and brought the vulnerable and yet resilient women to life on screen. Ruth quickly became a fan favorite. And fans had hoped she would make it to the end, but Chris Mundy had other plans. Garner spoke about her character and what she thought about Ruth’s final moments to Time. 

Julia Garner was distressed after Wyatt’s death

During the shoot, the actress had become one with her character. She revealed, “When [Ruth’s cousin] Wyatt died [in the season 4 part 1 finale], I think a part of Ruth died. She was physically alive, but her soul died.” Even though she knew it wasn’t real, the actress could not separate herself from the feeling. She had become one with her character, Ruth. 

Not to get really depressing, but that was my mindset for a year [while preparing and filming the final season]. It was very depressing to feel like that.” 

The Langmores had gotten involved with the Byrdes after their arrival in Ozark. After Ruth started working for Marty, she killed Wyatt’s dad, Russ to stop him from spilling trade secrets to the FBI. Wyatt became estranged from Ruth after the revelation and started a romantic relationship with Darlene Snell. But after Javi kills Snell and Wyatt, Ruth lost her only family.

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The actress was satisfied with how Chris Mundy wrapped her story

After Wyatt’s death, Ruth sets her eyes on revenge and pulls the trigger on Javi. And in turn, is killed by Javi’s mother Camilia.

She wasn’t going to voluntarily quit life, but I think she was so dead inside that if given an opportunity to die, she wouldn’t say no,” explained Julia Garner. 

Playing Ruth did take a toll on her but she enjoyed playing that role. If the creators hadn’t called quits on the show the actress would have continued filming till she reached her 70s. 

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