How Julia Garner Proved Her Mettle With Her Distinctive Voice in ‘Dirty John’

How Julia Garner Proved Her Mettle With Her Distinctive Voice in ‘Dirty John’

No one plays it better than the 28-year-old Julia Garner when it comes to accents. These ruling days of the actress are just marked by her mastery of language and accent pick-ups from anywhere around the globe. While her hard-headed character Ruth Langmore of Ozark, has been the magnet of Emmys for all these years, her other works have also made their way straight to our hearts. In addition ot this, the actress is now being praised for nailing her brilliantly written unconventional character in Dirty John.

How Julia Garner nailed Terra Newell in Dirty John?

The John Meehan story that first aired in 2018 and soon called quits in the following year was one of the beloved shows for all crime-drama lovers. The show kept the audience consumed but what made the show a fan favorite was undoubtedly Julia Garner and the power in her voice. And boy, did she surprise us all. To hear her mousey voice and baby-like ways, was music to our ears. In the series Julia plays the character of Terra Newell. She’s the youngest daughter who stands in the way of her mother’s love story gone wrong.

The dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship were disturbing and unsettling. However, viewers loved the way the story has been portrayed. Completely loyal to the real story while adding some fiction for entertainment purposes, the show nailed the incident. Throughout the show, Terra becomes that unexpected character around which the show revolves. She was one of the spoilt brats of modern-day sophisticated families but with a golden heart.

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How has Julia been the rightful deserving candidate of Emmys

Julia embodies this character with the utmost sincerity she could. The way she uses her vowels with seemingly effortless pauses at the end of every sentence just shows how she gave into this accent of her character. And of course, it’s not new to her hard-core fans. Julia Garner is a star who’s known for her criminal mastermind characters with an out-of-the-box cutthroat twang.

Her drawl in almost all of her characters is one of a kind. They’re all evident from her myriad of shows that are now streaming on Netflix. Starting from Ozark, the show fetched her two we’ll deserve Primetime Emmys with two more incoming this year.

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