When Julia Garner Called the Emmy Award a Piece of Chocolate After Beating 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actresses for It

When Julia Garner Called the Emmy Award a Piece of Chocolate After Beating 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actresses for It

Ozark has been an awards-bait crime and thriller series right from the beginning of the first season. The show was bestowed with a whooping thirty Primetime Emmy nominations in its entire lifespan. Out of which, director and actor, Jason Bateman swept off the best director awards. Furthermore, one of the main leads, Julia Garner bagged two back-to-back wins for the best supporting actor, in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The actress who played the overly confident and excessively swearing Ruth Langmore walked past all the other big names in the industry such as Game of Thrones. 

Julia Garner asserts Ozark’s dominance over all others

Julia won her first Emmy for the Ozark  in 2019 while her second win was during the pandemic at an e-Emmy event. The Television Academy garnished her with a well-deserved reward in the 71st Emmy awards show. The nominations included four Game of Thrones actors who couldn’t manage to beat Julia. The actress was seen shaking out of sheer excitement and nervousness on stage all flabbergasted to process her win. Nevertheless, Julia remarked it as “a piece of chocolate with a golden candy wrapper.” Although she was describing her trophy, we all got the slight metaphor that she hinted at.

Exceptional talent is versatile in ways that many high potentials are not. Her versatility said it all when she beat three massively talented actresses playing charismatic string characters on the biggest TV series of our era. Game of Thrones has done amazing but nothing could compete with Julia’s idiosyncratic acting and her mastery of the accents. Her character was brilliantly written and she nailed Ruth Langmore with her thrown-off curls and the southern twang.

Believe it or not, Julia is Oscar-worthy

Garner’s portrayal of hard-headed and sassy Ruth Langmore, basically stole the show. There were times we loved her and hoped for her success while the other times she got on our last nerves. Regardless, her character as a whole was mesmerizing. Her chances with the 2022 Emmys soar with her spine-chilling performance in the last season

Watching Ozark, we never saw her acting. It felt like watching an authentic human being. Right from the beginning of Season 1, she reached right out of the screen and grabs us. The tendency might be to overdue the “hillbilly” persona in an attempt to sell the character to the viewer but she never did that. We couldn’t help but watch ourselves fall in love with her. Kudos to the casting directors for giving her the role. Kudos to Julia for knocking the heck out of her role.

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