Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson, and Luke Newton Talk About the Bridgerton Brothers Finding “their place in the world”

Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson, and Luke Newton Talk About the Bridgerton Brothers Finding “their place in the world”

With the impending release of Bridgerton season 2, all eyes are on the members of the ton. Outside the Regency drama, these members are none other than the cast of the series. While Simon and Daphne stole the spotlight last season, this time around fans are focusing all of their attention on Lord Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey. While he leads this season, we also will see more of the other siblings and families. Here’s what each of the cast members has to say about the upcoming release and where their own character lies between the mess. Well, who knows a character better than the artist who plays them?

Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton)

After Jonathan, the next person in line to get married in the Bridgerton family is Benedict. Not only is he living in conflict between his art and responsibilities, but also tries dealing with his father’s death.

Of all the Bridgerton siblings, Benedict seems to be the one offering the most support. He is close to Anthony and often ends up bonding with Eloise. Luke Thompson pointed out how the siblings are both each other’s best confidants and, at the same time, anxious reminders to each other of their own responsibilities and duties.

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Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton)

As for the next Bridgerton sibling, we know well how he got his heart broken in the previous season of the Netflix Original. After Colin took off when he learned Marina’s true intentions of marrying him, fans were left wondering what he was up to. It was also then that he found out about Penelope’s feelings for him. After returning from the trip, we’re going to see a more mature version of Colin.

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Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton)

Now we come to the star of the season- Jonathan Bailey, aka, Lord Anthony Bridgerton. We know well from the numerous trailers and teasers of the Netflix series how Anthony’s love story and journey of self-discovery are going to go. But, we will also learn the answer to many whys. Why did Anthony get so reserved? Why does seeing his own traits in Kate initially put him off? Is the Viscount really the unmovable, cold man he portrays himself to be? Or, are there some vulnerabilities and anxieties beneath the facade?

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Stream Bridgerton right after its release to make sure none of this is spoiled for you!

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