Claudia Jessie Is as Free-Spirited and Unconventional as Eloise Bridgerton, Check What She Said

Claudia Jessie Is as Free-Spirited and Unconventional as Eloise Bridgerton, Check What She Said

We often see actors and actresses play their roles in a very flawless manner. But, sometimes these artists nail the role to perfection, leaving us wondering if this was just acting or are they like their characters in real life too?  One such example is that of Claudia Jessie playing Eloise Bridgerton from Netflix’s hit series.

How is Eloise Bridgerton “unconventional”?

Eloise, as all fans of the series know well, is a free spirit. Jughead would describe her as someone who doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to fit in. While she isn’t an outcast, her views on life are very different from those surrounding her.

While Daphne was the prime example of a girl a mother in the 1800s would have wanted, Eloise is not quite so. Daphne realizes how unfair it is that her entire life’s decisions and its course must depend upon a man, but she does what society expects of her and no less.

Eloise, on the other hand, is more of a rebellious child. Daphne ended up choosing the course society expected of her- having a sociable nature and finally getting married to a fitting man. In her case, it was a Duke, putting extra pressure on Eloise. This also explains why the latter wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of Daphne getting married, knowing she’d be the next.

Eloise wants to pursue a career and be an independent woman. Getting married, according to Claudia Jessie, “isn’t even in the top 10 of her desires.” The next debutante of the Netflix Original is also not one for dressing up or trying to look pretty. She clings to the idea of staying a child. An example of this is her trying to put off her debut and slipping in her signature frills in her outfit in an attempt to make herself look younger.

Eloise is everything society in the Regency era did not expect of a woman. She is the epitome of unconventional and so is Bridgerton actress Claudia Jessie.

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In what ways is Claudia Jessie similar to Eloise?

A primary trait of Eloise is that she loves a good book. Nothing excites her as much as reading, which is probably where her more developed mindset comes from. The same is true for Claudia Jessie. She claims that she “(has) always had (her) head in a book” and has recently also invested in a second-hand Kindle.

If all of this wasn’t enough, here’s another pointer. We often see Nicola Coughlan or Phoebe Dynevor on social media. However, one might’ve noticed how they never come across Claudia Jessie. Well, that is because this actress does not use social media! Not unlike Eloise Bridgerton, Jessie chooses to steer clear of the aspects of society she knows will not appeal to her.

Jessie also lives in a canal boat and describes herself as “not a fancy dresser”. Does it honestly get more like Eloise Bridgerton?

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Stream Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix on March 25 to see more of Eloise and how the show sets up for season 3, focusing on her.

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