SPOILERS: Here Are All the Secrets We’re Going to Uncover in Bridgerton Season 2

SPOILERS: Here Are All the Secrets We’re Going to Uncover in Bridgerton Season 2

Ahead of the release of Bridgerton season 2, fans are as excited as they possibly can be. Now that Daphne, the oldest Bridgerton daughter, is married and settled, we move to the next child in line. This wedding season in the ton, Lord Anthony Bridgerton is on the market. Quoting Lady Violet Bridgerton, “this is the season the viscount intends to find a wife.

Considering how the Netflix series is based on a book, one might think the intrigue and suspense aren’t that significant. But, oh boy, could they be more wrong? Ensuring that all fans of the series stay right on the edge of their seats, Netflix keeps releasing content. The latest in the long line of the same is this video, released on the platform’s YouTube channel:

Here’s a list of all things you need to keep an out for:

Anthony’s list

The video starts with Anthony mentioning to his brothers how he doesn’t “need feeling“. All he needs to check off is the list he has in mind. Of course, he is talking about what he is looking for in his future partner. After his heartbreaking split with Siena, Anthony has proven that he has put his duty as Lord Bridgerton above all. However, what are his other motives? What exactly is it that he needs to find in his partner?

Why is Kate so disdainful of Anthony?

We know that the main plotline of season 2 of the Netflix Original is that of Kate and Anthony. But, what happened that made Kate resent the man so very much?

The Sharmas are, well, mysterious

Who is this new family that has just moved into the ton? How does Lady Danbury know them? What is this secret Kate is hiding that Edwina was speaking of?

What is going to happen to the other Bridgerton siblings in season 2?

We know that Bridgerton season 2 is going to focus primarily on Anthony, but what about the others? Where is Benedict going to end up in terms of his art? Eloise is to find a match, but is that what she wants?

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What does Penelope mean by “sharpening (her) knives”?

Considering the season finale and Penelope almost being caught, one might expect that she would lay low for a while. However, the season 2 trailer showed is that his writer is coming back stronger than ever. But what does “stronger than ever” mean in this context?

Who will inherit the Featherington Estate in Bridgerton season 2?

With the death of Penelope’s father, Lord Featherington, a new man is to inherit the estate. Will fate pull a Pride and Prejudice on the Featherington ladies and give them a terrible cousin, or does it have something better in store for them?

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There really is potential for a considerable scandal indeed. Stream Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix on March 25 to keep yourself updated with news of the former capital R rake.

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