Will We Get To See More of Benedict in Bridgerton Season 2? Here’s What We Know

Will We Get To See More of Benedict in Bridgerton Season 2? Here’s What We Know

The raunchy regency period drama is coming back to make our summers hotter on March 25. This season the focus will shift from Daphne and Simon to the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony. But what about the second son? As the whole ton is now focused on Anthony and his marriage to the “diamond of the season” Edwina Sharma, it gives the perfect opportunity for Benedict to relax and enjoy. Who knows, Shonda Rhimes might feed us more Benedict and Granville this season. 

Benedict Bridgerton and Lord Henry Granville

Benedict was introduced as an artist who is currently struggling. He feels retrained in his identity and thus it shows in his works. Benedict meets Lord Henry Granville when he ridiculed the latter’s painting. After Henry discloses that he was the artist they become friends. Benedict discovers Henry is gay when he finds him with his lover, Lord Wetherby. Viewers and fans detected sexual tension between the two in their scenes. Season 2 will probably take their story forward although the main focus will be Anthony. 

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Season 2 of the Regency drama will focus on Benedict

Shonda adapted Julia Quinn’s first novel, The Duke and I for the first season of Bridgerton. And for the second, she adapted The Viscount Who Loved Me. It is the third book in the series: An Offer From A Gentleman which focuses on the second-born son of the aristocrat family. 

The creators may take liberties with the book to juice it up for the screen as seen previously. Daphne was a new debutante on the show, while she wasn’t in the books. The script included Marina and Colin Bridgeston’s romance which was again not in the books. Similarly, in the third book, Benedict meets a mysterious masked girl at a masquerade. Turns out she’s illegitimate, lives with her stepmom, and gatecrashes the party. As a punishment and out of spite, she is forced to work as a maid. Benedict not knowing her identity, turn the ton upside down to find that one masked girl. But in the series, the creators have only hinted at an LGBTQ relationship. Whether they will go their queer route or the cinderella story route isn’t known yet. But we might get our answers after season 2 premiers on March 25.

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