Why Does Lady Whistledown Believe That Colin Bridgerton Is Lonely?

Why Does Lady Whistledown Believe That Colin Bridgerton Is Lonely?

The one thing that the audience likes about the Bridgerton series is that, unlike the books on which it is based, the show lets characters other than the major leads breathe and develop. This is precisely the reason the audiences had time and opportunity to love and adore characters like Colin Bridgerton. The release of season 2 will yet again bring these characters in front of us, and we honestly can not wait for them! Out of all, it is the young Bridgerton brother that we await the most. Colin left for Greece at the end of season 1, and now he will be back with stories to tell.

Colin Bridgerton was anyway an interesting character, but a visit to a foreign land will definitely present amazing experiences. Hence, we all are rather excited to see what all Colin brings with him from the alluring country of Greece. Lady Whisltedown believes it to be a feeling of loneliness, among other things, but what is the truth?

What all does Colin Bridgerton brings with him from Greece to season 2?

In a video shared on the Netflix Original‘s official Twitter handle, we hear the esteemed writer Lady Whistledown talk about the current state of the young man. We all know that Colin was at the receiving end of rather fatal emotional blows when Whistledown reported about the pregnancy of Miss Marina Thompson. It was rather shattering for the young man to know that what he thought was love was actually nothing but a fake set up by Marina to marry him.

After feeling particularly devastated about everything, it was Penelope‘s advice that brought some serenity to Colin. It was the young Featherington who reminded him of his dreams of travel and pushed him to pursue them. And thanks to the trip to Greece, Lady Whistledown now believes Colin is a changed man. However, it can also not be avoided that his time away from the London Ton surely affected him as well. But there is something that the Ton cannot see, but Lady Whistledown sees through clearly. Somewhere in the heart of Colin Bridgerton, she senses a feeling of loneliness.

We will get all our answers when we get to stream Bridgerton Season 2 on March 25, 2022.

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What do you think is the cause of this loneliness? And how long before we see the much-awaited love affair of Colin and Penelope on the Netflix show?

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