Jonathan Bailey Hints at the Number of Kids Anthony and Kate Will Have and the Seasons That Will Feature Them in ‘Bridgerton’

Jonathan Bailey Hints at the Number of Kids Anthony and Kate Will Have and the Seasons That Will Feature Them in ‘Bridgerton’

We saw Bridgerton season 2 on the screens of Netflix for the first time quite some time ago. The hit Regency drama made a comeback on the 25th of March, 2022. Fans consumed eight hour-long episodes of the show in binge-watching sessions as quickly as they could. Following this, they are naturally curious as to what happens next. Actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays the season’s lead, Lord Anthony Bridgerton, revealed what will happen in the future: in Kate and Anthony’s future, to be more precise.

Where did season 2 end?

After a rollercoaster journey, Kate and Anthony yet again found themselves at a crossroads. Kate had to choose between what she thought she was supposed to do for her sister, even against the sister’s better judgment, and what she wanted. As for Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton son needed to quit sabotaging himself and take action in his favor. As fans who have finished the series know well, a happy ending is what they received. Things turned out for the good for everyone involved, except perhaps Lord Featherington, Benedict, Penelope, and Eloise.

By the end of Bridgerton season 2, Kate and Anthony were happily married and residing at Aubrey Hall. The rest of their families, including Daphne and Lady Danbury, seemed happy to see the couple bicker and show affection towards each other at the same time. After all the dramatic push-and-pull through the entire season of the Netflix Original, fans found the joyful sight quite relieving.

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But, the next question naturally is: what happens after?

Everything in store for Kate and Anthony, according to Jonathan Bailey

A prominent Easter egg in the series involves numbers. After Kate acts unusually straightforward instead of being dismissive as Anthony was used to, he finds the need of having to jokingly check if she was in her right mind. As a result, he holds up 3 fingers before their dance and asks her how many they are.

In the books, Kate and Anthony have 4 kids. Harpers Bazaar asked Jonathan Bailey if his fingers were supposed to match the number of kids they will have in the series. Keeping things as mysterious as he can, Bailey replied in affirmation, saying, “yeah, of course.” But, he proceeded to add “maybe it’s the number of seasons that they’ll be in. You never know!”

Considering how the Netflix series is notorious for its massive diversions from the books, either of these can be true. We truly will only know the answer to this in the upcoming seasons of Bridgerton.

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Until then, stream seasons 1 and 2, or perhaps check out Julia Quinn’s novels to formulate your own theories.

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