11 Tantalizing Details You Definitely Didn’t Notice in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

11 Tantalizing Details You Definitely Didn’t Notice in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

We don’t blame you for missing these details from Bridgerton season 2 because much like you we were all too invested in Kate and Anthony to notice anything else. But you may notice these things on your second watch! 

Anthony rides a Spanish Friesian

It would seem actors get quite attached to their horses during a shoot. Bridgerton stars were no different as they ride the same horses from last season. Jonathan Bailey’s horse is a Spanish Friesian, called Jack, while Kate rides a Spanish Bay horse named Nirvana. 

The dance at the Hearts and Flowers Ball is called Allemande 

Chris Murphy choreographed Anthony and Kate’s dance number at Lady Danbury’s Hearts and Flowers ball. It is a form of 18th-century dance called Allemande. The dance incorporates a lot of hand movements, which adds a sexual element to the dance. 

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The horse paintings in Kate’s room in Bridgerton season 2

Gina Cromwell, the set decorator of Bridgerton season 2, added a painting of horse and lions to Kate’s room at Lady Danbury’s. The picture signifies Kate and Anthony’s dynamic in the show. 

Moreover, the painter who painted Lady Danbury’s portrait is the one you see writing as Lady Whistledown in season 1. 

The costumes denote the characters’ state of mind 

Kate’s costumes are darker, and tighter in the first half because of her guarded self. As she opens up, her costumes become less tight and lighter and so does her hair. The same goes for Anthony. He starts dressing up in lighter colors and more like his dad, Edmund. 

Kylie Minogue’s connection to Bridgerton season 2

Kylie Minogue’s starry blue dress from her 2005 tour was the inspiration behind Penelope Featherington’s yellow ball gown. Meanwhile, Philipa’s ball gown was encrusted with 14,000 golden crystals. 

Benedict snapped his mallet twice during the pall mall game

The Pall Mall scene was improvised. The actors played the game for real, and Luke Thomson (Benedict) became much too invested in winning the game.

Author Julia Quinn’s childhood memories of playing croquet at her grandparents’ inspired the scene in the book and series. 

Anthony’s mutton chops were missing in Bridgerton season 2 

Chris Van Dusen had Jonathan Bailey cut off his mutton chops to showcase his growth from capital R Rake to husband material. 

The food on the show was a mix of real and fake 

The food on the show was mostly inedible except for the dinner scenes. Lisa Heathcote, Head Food Economist, only opted for light vegetables during such scenes. However, the cast really sipped tea: The most preferred PG Tips or Twinings. 

Creators used the same location for various Netflix shows 

Wrotham Park is used as a substitute for Aubrey Hall as well as the queen’s private audience chamber in The Crown. Moreover, Enola Holmes and the period piece, both are shot at the Old Royal Naval College. 

How many of these did you notice or know when you streamed Bridgerton season 2?

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