‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Did You Notice These Easter Eggs Hidden in The Much Cherished Game of Pall Mall?

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Did You Notice These Easter Eggs Hidden in The Much Cherished Game of Pall Mall?

March 25, 2022: The date when Bridgerton season 2 finally hit our screens and gave us butterflies down our gut with all those slow-burning intense moments of Kanthony. But do you remember exactly when it all started? Yes, in the most cherished, most bellicose of all, the ‘Pall Mall Game.’

In S2 E3, ‘A bee in your bonnet,’ we are taken away from the hubbub life of London to the serene country seat, Aubrey Hall. The entire Bridgerton family gathers up to entertain the Sharmas so that Lord Anthony can have his chance on Edwina. However, he ends up being attracted to the elder Sharma sister, Kate. And that’s how the most intense love story of all time blooms.

But that’s not all. The game, being the iconic theme of the season, obviously has more to it. Perhaps some covert tidbits you might have missed upon.

Major Easter eggs you missed in the Pall  Mall sequence in Bridgerton season 2

Just as in Quinn’s The Viscount Who Loved Me, the game brought the same comic vibrancy to Bridgerton season 2. At one end, there was this intense development of sexual tension between Kate and Anthony, on the other, the ‘ton siblings gathered to make it all more fun and hectic. However, what’s more interesting is how the game is an analogy for relationships and the course of the season. 

To emphasize this more, Bridgerton on Twitter posted a Pall Mall thread, hinting at how the fate of each of the golf balls (through the gate or into the bushes) portrays the fate of different characters and their relationships in the series. We see Kate gracefully pass the ball through the hole that had number two written on it in Latin. Perhaps, it explains why Kate and Anthony are the delicious protagonists of the second season.

Similarly, we also notice that while Benedict fails to pass the ball from three numbered gate, Colin manages to pass it. This may have something to do with Colin being the face of the third season and Benedict stepping down. And then Elosie too passes her ball delightfully through the fifth numbered gate. Well, Daphne sure was to win the game as she was the first one to be wooed by her love in the very first season of Bridgerton.

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To surmise, if you look at the series from the eyes of lady Whistledown, you will always find some fresh Easter eggs or hidden agenda in this raunchy regency world of Bridgerton. What do you think about these Eater eggs? Can there be any other theory? Do let us know in the comment section.

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