Does Eloise Bridgerton Marry in the Books? Will the Series Portray Her Story From to Sir Philip, With Love?

Does Eloise Bridgerton Marry in the Books? Will the Series Portray Her Story From to Sir Philip, With Love?

The Bridgerton season two just dropped a few hours ago. And what a season it was. Throughout the season, we all were asking just one question Who will Eloise Bridgerton choose? We all wanted Eloise to have a happy ending and be with the man she loves.

But does she find her happiness in the books and in the new season? Let us find out.

Who does Eloise Bridgerton choose in season 2?

The American historical drama Bridgerton, created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy, aired on Christmas Day in 2020 and is set during the Regency era of London as the Bridgerton siblings strive to navigate society, love, friendship, and competition.

In season two, we all wanted to know whether Eloise would tie the knot?

However, unfortunately, Eloise does not marry anyone in Bridgerton Season 2 and instead breaks up with Theo.

Despite their efforts to figure out who Lady Whistledown is, Penelope reminds Eloise that she should not be meeting with a guy from the lower class.

Because she doesn’t want to embarrass her family. Eloise tells Theo that she can’t revisit him for fear of being found. This irritates Theo, who decides to call a halt to their relationship indefinitely.

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Does she end up with someone in the books?

One thing that the series so rightly portrays about Eloise is that she is not at all interested in the concept of marrying anyone. However, in the books, Eloise does get her happily ever after.

Her love interest Sir Phillip is introduced in book five, Sir Phillip, With Love. 

Their correspondence initiates after Eloise’s cousin sister whom Philip was married dies. So initially Eloise writes a condolence letter to Phillip and their romance starts to bud.

Sir Phillip then invites Eloise to meet in person and then surprises her with a marriage proposal. Which Eloise accepts.

So we will have to wait and see if the show goes in with the order of the books to unite Eloise and Phillip. Or they might just surprise us with a different pairing. Anyway, we will have to wait for new seasons to confirm any theory.

Meanwhile, let us know what you feel about Eloise and Theo‘s breakup? Was Theo justified or not?

Let us know your thoughts about Bridgerton season 2 currently streaming on Netflix.

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