Are Simon and Daphne From Bridgerton the Ideal Couple or Do They Have Streaks of Toxicity?

Are Simon and Daphne From Bridgerton the Ideal Couple or Do They Have Streaks of Toxicity?

Bridgerton season 1 might have ended with Daphne and Simon seemingly happy together, but they certainly are not a fan-favorite couple. The two had many difficulties. While fans love a bumpy road that ends with a beautiful destination, they aren’t quite sure about this couple. Here are some reasons why Simon and Daphne belong together and other reasons why they don’t.

Their relationship started out as a lie, as did their marriage

As much as YA readers love a fake dating trope, it is undeniably toxic. The couple starts off their relationship for reasons other than mutual feelings. They also are so used to lying to each other from the beginning that communication never becomes their forte.

They’re the only couple in Bridgerton that could joke around

One of the rarest things we see in suitors that are pursuing Daphne is the lack of compatibility. What made her and Simon special was their intellectual equality. The two saw each other as equals and enjoyed each other’s company.

They had an ongoing power struggle right from the beginning

Bridgerton might be inclusive in terms of ethnicity and race. But, the Netflix series stays true to its roots with the subtle hints of sexism. With Simon being the Duke and, well, a male in Regency-era England, he and Daphne had a power struggle worse than most other couples do.

They’re willing to fight for each other

When this couple fell out during their wedding, they fell hard. Daphne was convinced she was stuck in an unloving marriage and Simon remained distant. However, they both found their way back to each other, something most other couples don’t.

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The infamous Bridgerton scene: Daphne assaulted Simon

Daphne and Simon weren’t on the same page about wanting kids. While Daphne believed it could bring them a lot of happiness, Simon had childhood trauma to uncover and come to terms with. She completely ignored his side of the story and didn’t communicate. On top of it, there was the infamous scene where Daphne assaulted Simon and was unapologetic about the same. While we all know how Daphne wasn’t taught enough about consent, this scene was undeniably the darkest one of the series.

They managed to come to an understanding

Despite Simon and his reluctance at the idea of having kids and the fight that followed between the two after this revelation, the two found their way back to each other.

After the number of fights we have seen this couple in, in season 1 of Bridgerton alone, we know too well that they might fight, they might be angry for a while, but they will somehow come back to each other because of the bond they share. While they certainly are a very toxic couple, they can both work on these things and maybe we’ll see a healthier version of the couple in the future.

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Do you think Simon and Daphne are the best couple in the Netflix Original or are you rooting for others to do better? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to stream Bridgerton on Netflix!

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