Joe Keery Trends on Twitter as ‘Stranger Things’ Writers Reveal His Hilarious Improvisation Involving “BO*Bies”

Joe Keery Trends on Twitter as ‘Stranger Things’ Writers Reveal His Hilarious Improvisation Involving “BO*Bies”

With his role in Stranger Things, Steve Harrington, aka Joe Keery, strengthened his position as one of the greatest and most adored characters on television. Throughout the season, Steve has said several wonderful things that truly sum up who he is and what his journey has been thus far in Stranger Things, from examining his interactions with other characters to brilliantly summarising his growth throughout the program.

Apparently, one of the most dynamic duos in the show’s season 4 is Steve and Robin. The moments between Steve and Robin are equally funny and endearing. That is what makes them one of the finest pairings on Stranger Things. In fact, in the eyes of many viewers, both of them are competing with Steve and Dustin for the ultimate duo title. Recently, one of the show’s writers revealed a scene of Steve and Robin. In that scene, Joe Keery has made amendments in his own hilarious way. Let’s check it out!

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Joe Keery loves saying bo*bies

The script of the scene shared by the writer’s account of Stranger Things includes the scene where Steve is assuring Robin that her crush Vickie is gay too. He specifically says that she paused Fast Times at 53 min and 5 seconds. Apparently, the scene has a reveal of bo*bies at that specific time. All he wants Robin to know is that only those people replay it “who like bo*bies.” And since Vickie replayed, too, she must like them.

Now Robin asks him to stop saying the word. To which he needs to reply, “Why not? I like ’em. You like ’em. Vickie likes ’em.” But Joe being Joe, improvised it and instead of saying “’em,” said “bo*bies.”

This comment and the conversation about “bo*bies” show Steve’s sense of humor and how comedy may console Robin, who is aware of her intense infatuation with Vickie throughout the fourth season. It is only one of many instances when Steve is there for Robin, and the two are at ease with one other as platonic soulmates.

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Now you must be wondering which scene we are talking about here. Though some highlights of it might strike, let us make it easy for you. Here is the scene which we are talking about. It is the first scene of Steve and Robin in the show’s season 4.

Well, now we know that the King of Babysitters likes “’em” and is equally fun in real life. Check Joe Keery out saying more funny things in Stranger Things.

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