“We spent a lot of time together”: Joe Keery Reveals What His Relationship With Joseph Quinn Looks Like

“We spent a lot of time together”: Joe Keery Reveals What His Relationship With Joseph Quinn Looks Like

The tragic death of Joseph Quinn’s character Eddie Munson at the conclusion of Season 4 of Stranger Things shattered our hearts. But, despite Eddie’s death in the show, actor Joe Keery has revealed that he and his Season 4 co-star are friends for life. After Eddie was introduced in season four, the two became closer as friends. And it seems that this is also true in real life. These two also share their common friendship and love for Dustin on the show.

Keery and Quinn are BFFs

Keery has been a member of the cast of the Netflix supernatural thriller since its first season in 2016. He was hired in the role of Steve Harrington in the show. Part one of the fourth season of Stranger Things came out in May 2022, whereas Part two premiered in July, both with Quinn as a cast member. His most well-known creation, high school misfit Eddie Munson, is the head of the Dungeons & Dragons club at Hawkins High. His heroic death in Upside Down, the show’s parallel universe, occurs in the season finale.

While we sadly couldn’t see a whole lot of fridnship between their on-screen characters, Keery and Quinn are besties. In fact, when asked about his bond with Quinn, Keery told UNILAD, “We spent a lot of time together, obviously, when we were shooting — and especially because it was during the pandemic, for the most part. So that’s a bond that will be there for life, for sure.” Let’s now tell you more about their off-screen friendship.

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Eddie’s death made Joe Keery sad, but for a different reason

Due to Eddie and Steve’s decision to start working together in the fourth season, Keery and Quinn had several on-screen interactions with one another. But the two were there for each other off-screen as well. Keery said he was saddened by the death of Quinn’s character. He wasn’t sad because of the death itself but more so by the loss of his friendship with Quinn on the set. When questioned about Eddie’s death in the show, Keery said, “I was bummed though. It was probably just because I enjoy spending time with Joe, and he’s a good presence to be around.”

These two aren’t best friends just for fun. They have also helped each other grow. For instance, Quinn is British, and he was worried about his American accent on the show. But Joey Keery assured him by promising him that it was “gonna be fine.” We adore this co-stars turned best friends, not unlike Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown.

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