“It’s pretty wild”- Ryan Reynolds Reveals How Spending the Summer With 4 Women Looks Like

“It’s pretty wild”- Ryan Reynolds Reveals How Spending the Summer With 4 Women Looks Like

Ryan Reynolds has never shied away from talking about his family and personal life. The Deadpool actor minces no words while he speaks. It is highly unlikely for Reynolds not to make a wisecrack whenever he makes a public appearance. Apart from his acting skills, his comic timing is unmatched, and one can’t help but chuckle whenever he is around. Recently too, Ryan had a laughable way of explaining how he spent the summer at home with his family.

Ryan Reynolds reveals what summer at his home feels like

Ryan Reynolds took some structured time off from work and spent his summer with his beautiful family. In an interview with Ryan and KellyReynolds admitted that he started his day by working a few hours in the morning. Now, as many of us know, he has three daughters, so that makes him the only man in the house. Kelly asked the actor how his experience was this summer since it was him with all the ladies. The Merc with a Mouth revealed, “seven, five, and three are my daughters, and it is pretty wild. You know the summer times at home are pretty special.”

Reynolds also admitted that he has not shot a movie for an entire year and is about to start one. Meanwhile, in the interview, Ryan asked The Free Guy actor whether his three-year-old daughters had tantrums, to which the Deadpool actor had a hilarious response. “They all have tantrums. I have most of the tantrums,” revealed Reynolds.

It would seem like Ryan had a wonderful summer with his family, as he admitted that it was the best summer he had had in a while.

Reynolds also talked about how seeing his kids play reminds him of that time of his life from his own childhood. Interestingly, he and his wife, Blake Lively, is all set to welcome another beautiful soul to their family. The Gossip Girl star is once again pregnant with her fourth child.

Well, now, with summer over, Ryan Reynolds is back and working again. The Adam Project actor has a few movies lined up, including the third part of his super popular movie Deadpool. While he is not shooting, he can also be seen enjoying the matches of his club, Wrexham AFC.

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