Ryan Reynolds Showed Exit to a Kid When He Asked Him THIS Question During ‘The Adam Project’ Promotions

Ryan Reynolds Showed Exit to a Kid When He Asked Him THIS Question During ‘The Adam Project’ Promotions

Kids are so innocent and curious. They ask strange questions, and sometimes they want the answers on the spot. Now, sometimes they ask the kind of questions that are hard to answer. And they put us in a tough situation. Recently, Ryan Reynolds faced a similar situation in an interview. Let us know how did he react to the question.

Ryan Reynolds reacts to a question from a kid

Well, the promotions of any show or movie are the best to watch. Firstly, they provide a lot of information about the upcoming release. Secondly, some questions are funny but the answers the stars or the panel give are funnier. But can you imagine the combination of a question that requires information and its answer is hilarious? Let us give you an example.

While promoting the new release, The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds got a question for a schoolboy. Now, the question will make you wonder about the kind of thoughts kids have. The boy asked Ryan, “In the scene, where you were kissing the girl, was that real?” Everybody present there at the event laughed so loudly while the question made Ryan go, “Woah!”

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Jennifer Garner exclaims while enjoying the moment and says, “This is the best Q&A, ever.” Ryan agrees with her awkwardly. The mediator comments, “Blake is really throwing her voice well, by the way.”And finally, Ryan tries to answer the question and admits, “I guess, it was kinda real,” Ryan is still confused and not sure how to answer this question. “I didn’t mean it,” he jokingly adds.

We have seen Ryan Reynolds talking about trying to be a good parent for his children on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. However, he says that he just doesn’t understand how to explain this to his own kids. He shares his personal experience and says when they watch these types of scenes; they ask what he is doing. “Like exactly the tactic I would use on them, not anger, but just disappointment,” says Ryan.

He appreciates the kid for asking the “great question” and then jokingly he says, “The exit’s that way,” pretending to be angry but actually having fun.

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The Adam Project is actually Ryan Reynolds’ favorite movie to work on as he realized his own bond with his late father while making this movie. Naturally, he didn’t seriously show that kid the door, but he was just answering the question which required information in the funniest way possible.

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