“You don’t need to be..”: Ryan Reynolds reveals a life-changing lesson he learnt from his marriage with Blake Lively

“You don’t need to be..”: Ryan Reynolds reveals a life-changing lesson he learnt from his marriage with Blake Lively

David Letterman seems to be a magician in My Next Guest Needs No Introduction this season. It appears that during talking to his guests; he unveils a hidden side of them. They naturally open up about themselves to David. Just like Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds touches on the topic of his relationship with his father.

The way Will Smith felt devastated and went quiet after his father’s death, Ryan also shared his feelings about his father’s death. He shares how Ryan was the youngest of his siblings and how he longed for a deeper connection with his father. He also adds that he understands his father’s condition now that Ryan has become a father.

Ryan Reynolds shares details about parents, marriage and Blake Lively

How your parents raise you as a child contributes largely to the making of the kind of human you become. Also, the way your parents treated you in your childhood days cast an influence on your parenting style, too. Ryan grew up with a strict parent. Strict in the sense that his old man wouldn’t open up about his feelings and life to his boys. David Letterman points out the fact that Ryan grew up in a house full of boys, and now he is surrounded by all the women. Ryan replies to that and says that he and his parents are not even the same animals. “My parents probably had the attitude of ‘be happy.’ ‘I wanna raise my kids to be happy.’ says Ryan.

This is where he and his wife Blake have the same feelings. They both have a slightly unique style of raising their children. They both want to raise their children to be aware of themselves. He positively says that they want their kids to know that any kind of feelings they feel is okay. He acknowledges that this is what he certainly has learned in his marriage: “You don’t need to be Captain Solution with everything. Sometimes people just need to be heard and mirrored and validated, and then it’s done.” 

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This is certainly one of the most valuable lessons for everyone out there. Maybe this is what he wanted from his father as he shares in the interview. The Adam Project star, Ryan Reynolds, suggests that among all things, having a nice and warm relationship with your parents gives to a whole different perspective of the world. This movie primarily explores this theme, which gave Ryan the closer look at the life of his father and admired him more.

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