“He likes the dirty work:”- When Blake Lively Confirmed How Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Shy Away From His Duties

“He likes the dirty work:”- When Blake Lively Confirmed How Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Shy Away From His Duties

Marrying their best friend and spending a lifetime in their arms whilst roasting each other to hell is still a dream for many. But Ryan Reynolds and his absolutely charming wife, Blake Lively are living that life. Not only are they the most loved couple in Hollywood but also the wittiest of all. It is always a feast for our eyes to see the world’s sexiest man and his beautiful wife always by each other’s side.

Those of you who are their die-hard fans might also know that Blake and Ryan are parents to three adorable daughters (and counting!). Hollywood’s coolest parents revealed in September 2022, that they are expecting a fourth child together while Lively walked on the red carpet.


Watching Shallow’s hot surfer proudly showing off her baby bump reminded us of her 2016 interview with Today, just before the movie’s release. There she lauded her husband for being the most supportive partner and father ever.

Blake Lively appreciates Ryan Reynolds for being the best father in the whole world

It is intriguing to see the couple take each other down with sarcasm and quips in the most adorable way possible. Did you know they even had to move to a new town because of a dirty diaper? (No, of course, they would not move because of a diaper!) It was just Ryan Reynolds making a witty comment on how he likes to do the dirty work. And well, it seems like the Canadian native truly is a delightful father, as Blake Lively confirms it. 

Apparently, the interviewers showed the Gossip Girl actress a clip of her husband where he admits that “he likes to do the dirty work” in the funniest way possible. He jokes about the diaper being so dirty that he felt the need to move to the other town. “It is true. We moved to the other town because of the diaper,” Lively shoots in the most chucklesome answer when asked if her husband is saying the truth. She then admits that he loves the dirty work. “He is great and he is so fun about it,” the Shallow actress then couldn’t stop singing praises of her husband. And we are sure that the couple will have a memorable time raising the four adorable kids.

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