“It’s never normal” – When Blake Lively Revealed The Secrets Behind Her Happy Marriage With Ryan Reynolds

“It’s never normal” – When Blake Lively Revealed The Secrets Behind Her Happy Marriage With Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the most glamorous and funny couple in Hollywood for the last decade. They have continually flaunted the red carpet every year, holding hands and smiling at each other. The epic romance story of this couple has made fans believe that love has wonderful ways to find people because they never knew that an awkward double date would be the beginning of their forever together.

Since they got together, there have been plenty of significant moments to capture, as they are famous for trolling each other on social media. However, they are equally supportive when it comes to important things in life. But does how they keep up in the world of entertainment where nothing remains a secret? What is the secret behind their happy marriage? Let us dig in.

Blake Lively spoke about Hollywood playing the part in her marriage with Ryan Reynolds

In 2017, Blake Lively sat down with Good Morning America to talk about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds. In the interview, she gave a detailed account of how she fell in love with the Deadpool star. The journey started in the friend zone and eventually realized that they were perfect for each other.

“He is my friend first. And I think that’s the secret to happiness. I don’t know! I don’t know the secret to happiness, but the secret to my happiness,” said Lively.

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The Shallows star stated that their marriage is successful because they both are actors. It makes things easier for them, as they both understand how things work in Hollywood. According to Cosmopolitan, she said that working in the entertainment industry is weird since they spend a lot of time with other people. “It’s still strange. It’s never normal, even when we’re both doing it,” explained the actress.

However, it helps to see things clearly when a couple belongs to the same career and you can tell that whatever happens on the screen has nothing to do with real life. Lively added that actors who marry people outside the business have to explain things.

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She also revealed how she does not share the social media joke of Ryan Reynolds on Twitter because at that time she lost her password and only heard things whenever people asked her. What do you think about this adorable couple? Tell us your views in the comment box!

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