“It’s literally the same thing”: Fans Call Out the Lack of Creativity in Money Heist: Korea

“It’s literally the same thing”: Fans Call Out the Lack of Creativity in Money Heist: Korea

According to popular opinion Koreans are masters at storytelling. However, they had quite the miss with Money Heist Korea. The creators were going for a Korean reboot of the original Alex Pina show only to have disappointed the fans who anticipated the show. 

The Korean reboot focuses on Korea which is on the brink of unification. North and South Korea in their attempt to reconcile had set up a joint economic area. Our ragtag group of robbers, annoyed with the government’s policy that only makes the “rich richer” targets the joint Mint. 

Fans dissatisfied with the “reskinned” Money Heist Korea 

The creators of the show wanted to add a Korean flavor to the show to make it more palatable to the peninsula. Furthermore, they intended to make it a bit different from the original so that fans of the original would have something to look forward to in Money Heist Korea. They changed the mint location, unified the countries at war, and lastly opted for Hahoetal masks as an effort to Koreanize the Spanish show. But were they successful? Apparently not. Many fans who were expecting the show to go in a different direction and surprise them were left utterly disappointed. Not only did the show keep the city names and the character’s personalities the same, but there wasn’t much detour from the original narrative. Here’s what fans are saying on Reddit. 

Meanwhile, there are a few Redditors who enjoyed the show for what it is. One even argued that it’s a remake, so it was foolish to accept anything different from the storyline. 

This one Redditor approached the shoe from a different angle and ended up enjoying the show. 


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The critics however are less brutal with their reviews. Decider says to stream it and Vanity Fair reviews it as ‘fun but a little too faithful” to the original.

With the original Money Heist ending just a few months ago and it still so fresh in our minds, it was always going to be a challenge for the Koreans to hold the fans’ attention with the familiar storyline. 

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