Fast Pace, Flat Characters, And An Absence Of “Bella Ciao”: Why Money Heist Korea Is Not Something That The Fans Of The Original Show Would Enjoy

Fast Pace, Flat Characters, And An Absence Of “Bella Ciao”: Why Money Heist Korea Is Not Something That The Fans Of The Original Show Would Enjoy

The original Money Heist, an impeccable show La Casa de Papel, first arrived on Spanish television. However, it was Netflix that gave The House of Paper real popularity worldwide and brought it several awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. The unreliable crime mystery was something shocking and new for the audience and when the show winded up in 2021, it seemed that the war had ended. But fans are once again introduced to the Korean version of Money Heist based on the original theme. Money Heist: Korea—Joint Economic Area is depicted in 2025, when North and South Korea are about to merge. 

What distinctions do Money Heist Korea and La Casa de Papel have in the storyline?

In this new show, the plot focuses on the Mint printing common currency for both sides. And the team plans to rob this ‘Joint Economic Area’ which is the main difference Money Heist Korea has from the original show. They are dwelling on Korean politics more openly whereas La Casa de Papel was just a symbol of political oppression with much emotional outlook.

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The characters of the Korean interpretation include Rio, Berlin, Denver, Moscow, Tokyo, Helsinki, Oslo, and Nairobi. Moreover, Money Heist: Korea—Joint Economic Area explores the backstories of these characters to show the situation of the capitalist and communist worlds. This distinction shows how one country is richer and the other imbalanced. Therefore, the Professor decides to do this robbery so that both sides stand on an equal stance.

The Dali Mask and Hahoetal Mask

The Spanish series used the Dali mask, which was a significant symbol of defiance. On the other hand, Korean creators used traditional Hahoetal masks to mock the authorities who were watching them. Moreover, Money Heist had an antifascist protest song ‘Bella Ciao’ that was missing in the Korean show even though the new show has portrayed communism vs capitalism potentially. Finally, the new show lacks the elements to hide the main idea of the storyline which the original show covered quite exemplarily.

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These were elements that fans of the original show loved the most and the lack of them can be jarring for fans. The original show has treasuring scenes, amplified tension, astounding cinematography, and most importantly well developed characters. And fans may find the Korean show lacking on these fronts.

That was our take. What about you? Do you think the Korean remake did justice to the original?

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