“It’s almost like a seesaw. I have to set boundaries,” Neff Davis on Her Current Relationship With Inventing Anna’s Anna Sorokin

“It’s almost like a seesaw. I have to set boundaries,” Neff Davis on Her Current Relationship With Inventing Anna’s Anna Sorokin

While fans want to learn everything there is to know about Anna Sorokin’s life, there are those who have already met her and suffered because of her. The New York Magazine article and the arrest shocked her friends who were present at that period of her life and remained unaware of her deception. One of them was Neffatari Davis AKA Neff Davis from Inventing Anna.

When viewing a show or movie based on a true story, it’s easy to forget that some people have experienced what the characters in the film or show have. However, many who witnessed the event may never forget it. Neff Davis, Anna Sorokin’s companion, is in the same situation. She discussed her prior relationship with Anna as well as where they are currently, with Vulture.

Neff Davis has set some boundaries with Anna

While Neff only speaks to Anna once a month, she has set some boundaries with her. She doesn’t always answer Anna’s phone calls, “It’s almost like a seesaw. I have to set boundaries. Sometimes I won’t answer the phone because I had to let her know I have my freedom.” It forced her to set boundaries during the 2017 trial because “Anna started losing her mind a little bit when it came to being famous in jail and by herself without family here in America.” But now that she has been released (and later re-arrested) they both live in different parts of America.

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Neff last saw Anna Sorokin in person just before she left for her trip to Morocco

She last saw Anna just before she took off for her trip to Morocco. Neff did not know at the time that her friend was a con artist about to commit such a heinous crime.

When asked how relieved she was that she didn’t end up going to Morocco, Neff replied, “I’m so relieved. I almost went- to the point that I’m the one that booked the hotel for them. From Instagram, it looked like they had an amazing time.” She had no idea about anything until journalist Jessica Pressler contacted her.

We doubt that you’ve forgotten what happened on that Morocco trip, but just in case you do, watch Inventing Anna, which is currently the most watched English series on Netflix.

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