Inventing Anna Becomes Netflix’s Most Watched English Language Show

Inventing Anna Becomes Netflix’s Most Watched English Language Show

Inventing Anna dropped on Netflix on February 11. Shondaland produced a stranger than fiction story after Netflix bought the rights to Anna Delvey’s story. As per reports, the streamer paid Anna a whopping $320,000 dollars! But the investment paid off, as the show is now one of the most-watched English language shows on the platform.

In its premiere week, it garnered around 77 million views. Then in the following week, Inventing Anna broke all records with 196 million hours of watched data. Netflix had a new policy in place for ratings. Previously, the streaming giant would count 2 minutes of viewing. According to the new rules, now the streamer reports the most viewed show in the first 28 days. 

Shonda Rhimes dramatized the tantalizing story of conwoman Anna Delvey for TV with Inventing Anna. The fraudster had scammed millions of people from businesses to friends. For a long time, she fooled people by posing as a German heiress. Tempting others with the lie of huge inherited wealth, Anna racked up enormous bills. She was ultimately booked for fraud and brought to court where she was convicted. 

Journalist Jessica Pressler investigated the story before writing a feature for the New York Magazine.

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Inventing Anna doesn’t come anywhere near to Netflix’s foreign productions

Starring Penn Badgley, the stalker drama: You, had the title for the most-watched English show with 179 million watch hours. Other shows that followed suit were The Witcher, Maid, and Sex Education. The Witcher racked up 169 million views and Sex Education settled for 160 million hours watched. 

Despite the huge figures, Netflix has seen more profits in the foreign language space. Not discounting the show’s numbers, but it does not come close to Squid Game. Subscribers watched the show for a whopping 572 million hours! Recent Korean Zombie hit All of Us Are Dead is a close second with 236 million hours. Spanish crime drama, Money Heist also made quite a splash on the charts. The heist show was watched for 202 million hours.

Have you streamed the show on Netflix yet? What do you think of the show’s immense success and popularity? Comment down your thoughts.

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