Inventing Anna: Who Is the Real Vivian Kent? Was She Really Pregnant While Reporting Anna Delvey’s Story?

Inventing Anna: Who Is the Real Vivian Kent? Was She Really Pregnant While Reporting Anna Delvey’s Story?

Shonda Rhimes’s latest project with Netflix, Inventing Anna starts with a cheeky disclaimer: This whole story is completely true. Except for all the parts that are totally made up. This has viewers intrigued even more. After Anna Delvey, who is the prime focus on the show, now fans are curious about Vivian Kent. Did she really exist and did she write a feature despite all the odds?

Jessica Pressler is the real Vivian Kent in Inventing Anna

The character is inspired by Jessica Pressler, a journalist with a body of work that spans over 10 years. Born in Massachusetts, Jessica has written features for several renowned publications from Elle, New York Magazine to GQ. Jessica has a knack for writing tantalizing stories that are perfect for a show or a movie.

Case in point, she is the one to report about a group of exotic dancers who conned rich men for New York Magazine. Her feature article soon became the inspiration for Jennifer Lopez’s movie The Hustler

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Did she really go into labor before finishing the exposé? 

In real life, Jessica didn’t go into labor while writing the article, but yes she was eight months pregnant. She received a tip from court photographer Steven Hirsch when she was covering the Hustlers. Soon after its publication, Shonda had mailed her with a request to turn it into a TV show. It wasn’t until a few months that she would check her inbox and get in touch with Shonda. 

Jessica reported a fake story 

In Inventing Anna, Viviant Kent sees Anna’s story as her last chance to revive her career after making a huge blunder. Kent had reported about a high school kid Donovan Lamb that turned out to be fake. Similarly in real life, Jessica wrote an article about a high school kid, Mohammed Islam, who claimed to have made millions investing in stocks.

It caused an uproar in the journalism circuit. However, the editors at New York Magazine supported a dismayed Jessica. Her husband, writer, and author, Benjamin Wallace had always been her emotional rock throughout. The two tied the knot in 2008 at the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

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