“It would melt the FU*King planet”: Fans Rejoice at the Possibility of a GTA-Esque Breaking Bad Game

“It would melt the FU*King planet”: Fans Rejoice at the Possibility of a GTA-Esque Breaking Bad Game

Breaking Bad is one of the most acclaimed series on television at present. The series that ran for 5 seasons was a thrilling drama about a chemistry teacher that started producing meth after he was diagnosed with cancer to save up enough money for his family. It was a major hit, and AMC ordered a prequel, Better Call Saul.

The series has even spawned merchandise, a Netflix movie, and even life-size statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Since the prequel has wrapped up recently, the creator Vince Gilligan has given fans hope that a video game set in the Breaking Bad Universe might be possible. 

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is still optimistic about a GTA-style video game 

On the Inside the Gilligan podcast, Vince Gilligan revealed that he had brainstormed about turning the series into a video game several times. The team had written three or four different video game narratives, but all the attempts were unsuccessful. Interestingly, the creator had pitched a Grand Theft Auto-like game, but that didn’t work out. He hasn’t given up on the idea yet and still thinks it’s a good idea. Additionally, the team was also working on turning it into a PlayStation VR game which again proved futile. 

Gilligan is not much of a video game player, but he certainly knows Grand Theft Auto. “I remember saying to the guys, that are off running Apple now, who said yes originally to Breaking Bad, ‘Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can’t you have a module, can there be a Breaking Bad [game]?'” says the creator. The game never saw the daylight but Gilligan still holds hope. While they tried making a few games, only a few got into the market. He and his team also tried a Sony Playstation VR experience but to no avail.

Although their efforts ended up in vain, Gilligan assured fans that the team still wanted to churn out a video game even though its costly. They want to take their time and ensure that it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster like the infamous ET Atari

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Fans’ reactions to the news

Unsurprisingly, fans are delighted at the thought of a GTA-inspired Breaking Bad game, and they can’t keep calm.

Fans seem excited about the game. What about you? Would you play this game? Comment down below.

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