Russo Brothers Choose Saul Goodman From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Defend Their Heinous Crime

Russo Brothers Choose Saul Goodman From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Defend Their Heinous Crime

Every now and then, one or the other way, we need someone powerful on our side, especially in the entertainment business. Well, if we’re talking about the entertainment business, The Russo Brothers is a very famous name in the industry. Recently, they directed The Gray Man, which is now streaming on Netflix. Another great show on the streamer is Breaking Bad. An American neo-western crime drama series. Saul Goodman is a character in this fan-favorite crime series, who is portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. He is a lawyer and recently, The Russo Brothers shared something unexpected. 

Now, working on big-budget projects, obviously, they would need a lawyer to get them out of any trouble. In an interview, the Russo Brothers said that they would hire Saul Goodman as their lawyer. Let’s find out the entire context. 

The Russo Brothers want Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad as their lawyer!

Netflix cookie jar is an unpredictable element. One day it is a stalker and the other day it behaves like a nosy neighbor and asks these personal questions. The Russo Brothers had to go through the interrogation of this cookie jar. They had to answer one of these hot favorite questions about Chris Evans’ mustache in the movie, who they’d like to have dinner with, and so on. Look here:

As you could see in the video, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo faced this nosy little cookie jar. One of the interesting questions was to Anthony. Anthony studied law before he became a filmmaker. So, “If you committed a heinous crime, which of the following fictional lawyers would you choose to represent you?” And the options were even more interesting. The first one was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, the second one was Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, and the last one was Miranda Hobbes from Sex In the City

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Well, the options are not only interesting but also brilliant. And the answer that Anthony gives wins the hearts of particular fandom. But first, it is a little hard for him to choose, as he can’t imagine a heinous crime. But as this duo always works together, Joe suggests he should go with Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. Well, Anthony agrees and says, “I mean, if it is a heinous crime, that would be the one to go to.” 

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And that’s a win-win for the fans of Breaking Bad. What do you think you’d go to if you’ve committed a heinous crime? Do you have other options other than these 3?

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