‘Better Call Saul’ Fuel Rivalry War Between ‘Breaking Bad’ And Its Fans

‘Better Call Saul’ Fuel Rivalry War Between ‘Breaking Bad’ And Its Fans

Dark, funny, and vividly realized masterclass in comedy, Better Call Saul is now coming to an end. And last Monday took every Breaking Bad fan by surprise as the last season of the prequel saw its eleventh episode. Now in its final season and penultimate episode, Better Call Saul remains just as expansively cinematic and claustrophobically tense as ever it was, with creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould still masters of their desert domain.

Interestingly, with the series’ third to the last episode out now, things finally converge with Breaking Bad’s beginnings. While season 5 had already hinted at the spin-off’s titular character getting closer to his entertaining huckster role fans first met in Breaking Bad. The 11th episode of its last season left fans gushing. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman made a ‘surreal’ comeback! And Breaking Bad and its supporters engaged in a rivalry war thanks to Better Call Saul. 

Better Call Saul features Breaking Bad’s famous drug-cooking duo

The title of the episode, Breaking Bad, heightened fans’ anticipation of seeing Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman on TV once more. That’s exactly what they did. The couple appeared in a flashback sequence from Breaking Bad on Better Call Saul. The encounter essentially served as an extension of a previous Breaking Bad scene in which Saul is transported to the desert and begs for his life. It’s true that this is a crucial time in the story of the spin-off show because it makes the first reference to Lalo and Nacho Salamanca.

The names of the eleventh episode of Better Call Saul made the cameo a guarantee, despite the show’s producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould having teased the appearances. After a fleeting sight of the pair in the spin-off movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, fans finally got to see them together.

With only two episodes left, the crime, and legal drama is about to come to a conclusion. Gilligan and Gould certainly created their spin-off show With their parent series, Breaking Bad, heavily intertwined in its plot. The penultimate and ultimate episodes, Saul Gone and Waterworks, will premiere on Netflix on August 8 and August 15, respectively.

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