Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 10 is Not Exactly What Fans Had Wished For, Here’s Why

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 10 is Not Exactly What Fans Had Wished For, Here’s Why

It’s been 7 years since we got this iconic show. A perfect storyline with a perfect amount of darkness and color to provide a balanced drama. No! It ain’t Stranger Things. We are talking about the very popular spin-off of Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul. And with season 6 hyping fans up every week with a new episode, the stakes are getting higher than ever.

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Last Monday, episode 10 of Netflix’s genius came out and fans are going crazy already. Gene has probably blown his life as Saul Goodman and is into the cartel business. However, he cannot help but pull himself to his former life despite the fact that he could be caught and even strangled in prison for a lifetime. He continues to leave his traces at his workplace by carving “S.G. was here.” Sure, he longs for the flashy suits from his old life. And episode 10 “Nippy” continues to focus on this trope. The series is back in a black-and-white world with Gene figuring out how he would deal with Jeff, the cab driver who recognized him as Saul Goodman. And well, instead of starting at someplace new, our friend here decides to take the matter into his own hands!

It is one of those episodes that some people would definitely go places while others would simply want to discard.

Better Call Saul season 6 episode 10 takes an unexpected turn

At this point, Saul Goodman’s story is on the darkest side of the color spectrum. In episode 10, Gene aka Saul Goodman aka many other names befriends Jeff’s mother to know Jeff’s intentions. His wife Kim Wexler, who had kept him bound to some form of decency, is no longer in his life. This is the reason Goodman shows the world his vile side in this specific episode.

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He goes by the name Gene Takovic in this monochrome world, replete with a mustache and Cinnabon suit. He forms a relationship with a sweet elderly woman named Marion in order to work with her son Jeff. Little did the poor woman know that her son will be involved in a con aided by the mastermind Goodman himself. And here’s how fans are reacting:

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Fans also predict that the remaining episodes will be about how Kim fits in Breaking bad. Have you watched the latest episodes of Saul Goodman season 6? What are your thoughts? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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