“It looked like a rat’s nest”: Julia Garner Recalls The Journey of Her Curly Hair

“It looked like a rat’s nest”: Julia Garner Recalls The Journey of Her Curly Hair

Every actor has a particular trademark gesture or a signature style, as we call it. Be it Brad Pitt’s smirks or DiCaprio’s toast, each of them has something or the other that marks the melting point of fans. Likewise, we have our Ozark standout star, Julia Garner, and her thrown-off blonde curls. Throughout the series and in real life, she’s identified as the boss lady with blonde curls, adding up to her acting skills and charismatic personality.

But as we continue to sing praises of Julia in this space, the actress recalls some of her past memories attached to her iconic hairstyle. Wanna know what it is? Let’s check it out

Julia never really liked her curls

According to Julia, when she was about 12, her roots started growing out curly, but the ends were still straight. The actress was clearly unhappy with her natural hair, after which she got it fixed by her hairdresser. She further revealed to The Cut that to get all her hair curly, her hairdresser had to cut her hair super short. “That was one of the weirdest experiences that I’ve ever had in my life. I went to school the next day and everyone was looking at me like, Who’s the new girl? My best friend didn’t recognize me.”

No matter how little of a credit Julia gives to herself, we all know how her curls and she have done wonders on screen. The blonde pixie hairs have become something of a calling card. While everyone in Hollywood only prefers a monotonous, silky, and shiny hair, Ozark actress garnished her personality even more with her ‘halo of bleach-blonde ringlets.’

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Julia Garner never really thought she’d pull off an entire career in acting

The Inventing Anna actress shared that she started taking acting and role-play classes at the age of just fourteen in an interview with Elle magazine. Reportedly, she wanted to overcome her shyness. Thus, she was looking for a way to unleash her inner confidence and boldness. “That’s exactly when I knew I wanted to try [acting] professionally. Before that, I watched movies. Always. But I didn’t think it was a real job,” said Julia.

As soon as she started her acting career as a student, the day wasn’t very far when she was chosen for a leading role in a motion picture. She made her debut at the age of 17 and landed her first film ever in the year 2011. First appearing in Martha Marcy May Marlene, she co-starred with many significantly recognized actors. She was seen sharing the screen with Sarah Paulson and Elizabeth Olsen. We all know the outstanding actress she is known to be today.

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