Julia Garner Can’t Stop Gushing About THIS DCEU Superhero, No It’s Not Henry Cavill

Julia Garner Can’t Stop Gushing About THIS DCEU Superhero, No It’s Not Henry Cavill

28-year-old old star Julia Garner played the delinquent criminal misfit in the Netflix hit series, Ozark. Out of all her characters in the television network, playing the ‘Ruth’less Ruth Langmore was her best work so far. The actress is currently working on numerous other projects to make her massive comeback to Hollywood. The actress, known for her criminal mastermind and cult roles, spared her time for The Cut magazine and revealed some of her favs in the world of superheroes!

Yes, you heard it right! Let’s dive in deeper to know who is Julia Garner’s favourite Superhero/Superwoman.

Julia Garner reveals the superhero character she’d like to play

Apart from the dark, character-driven crime drama and thriller series, Julia’s fascination with felony and mayhem doesn’t end. On being asked about any superhero role, she’d like to consider by The Cut, “I saw Wonder Woman twice in the movie theatre. I love Gal Gadot. She’s amazing, so beautiful. Like, you’re giving me life right now,” she answered.

The host also asked about her interest in playing a teenager as the main character in a movie. Her strong opposition to such roles showed it all. “I can’t do that. I don’t look like a proper teen actress, I feel like. But maybe I could be like the weirdo in the teen movie,” said the Inventing Anna actress, hinting at us getting to see her in more unconventional roles.

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Julia Garner is built differently. People who have followed her from the beginning of her career as an actress should be familiar with her roles. Even after possessing gorgeous beauty and the potential of easily becoming a leading role in Hollywood, she is never really interested in playing typical conventional characters.

Garner is beyond the ordinary

Apart from Ozark, Netflix has tapped her for another miniseries, Inventing Anna. Here she once again plays the outlandish and quirky character of Anna Sorokin, a fake German heiress, who tricks the high society of New York City. Prior to that, she played a neglected teenager who falls for a KGB officer and screws up her own life. But all of it wasn’t recognized until the character got her massive breakout down in the lake of Ozarks and later in New York City.

The way she embodies her characters with her mastery of various accents has won the hearts of all crime and thriller freaks. As the actress strives forward with her brilliant acting skills, she’s undoubtedly a future headliner. Keep your eyes on this one, folks; she has got the chops! Do you think the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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