“It is kind of sexy,” Neil Patrick Harris Shares the Perks of Starring in ‘Uncoupled’ on Netflix

“It is kind of sexy,” Neil Patrick Harris Shares the Perks of Starring in ‘Uncoupled’ on Netflix

Every celebrity wants to star in a Netflix Original for their own reasons. So whenever an opportunity presents itself, they are sure to take it in a heartbeat. The newest actor who hopped on the Netflix Original bandwagon and delighted us all was Neil Patrick Harris. Neil stars in the newest comedy series, Uncoupled. The show is about a middle ages man whose partner for 17 years leaves him. What follows is a heartfelt comedy and the journey of a man trying to learn the ways of the young. The premise of the show is as delightful as the series.

But Neil Patrick Harris had his own reasons to join the show. Want to know what the reasons were? Then read along.

Neil Patrick Harris shares why he joined Uncoupled

Over the years, Harris has been a part of some truly iconic shows ranging from How I Met Your Mother to the Harold and Kumar film series. But Unoucpled is unlike anything that the actor had done before. So naturally, many were curious as to why Neil chose to star in the series.

In his new interview with Tudum, Neil answered the question. According to the HIMYM star, the different styles and moods that the show had caught his attention. The actor then continues to say, “And it’s sort of sexy, naked Grindr dating with guys who are half my age, right? So there were a lot of assets. And I was curious about how to sort of helm the ship and make those disparate ideas come together.”

In fact, Patrick shares about the time he read the first page of the script and wanted to do the show. He says that the first page itself had so many emotions in just 30 minutes that made him go, “I’m in. Where do I sign?”

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Uncoupled on Netflix is receiving mixed reviews, where the critics seem to not like it much, but the fans are loving it and even demanding a second season. Did you guys love the show? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments.

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